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2015 October

Lambda Chi Alpha Resigns Its Membership in the North American Interfraternity Conference

Carmel, Ind., October 27, 2015 – Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. has resigned its membership in the North American Interfraternity Conference, effective immediately.

A proud and active member of the fraternity trade association for 106 years, Lambda Chi believes the NIC’s new direction is counterproductive and does not support a co-curricular partnership with our host institutions.

The decision to resign was voted on and approved by the fraternity’s Board of Directors.

“For more than a century, we have supported the NIC’s efforts and advocated for its stated principles and values,” said Fletcher McElreath, chairman of the Board, Lambda Chi Alpha. “Unfortunately, the NIC has recently elected to pursue counterproductive tactics that we believe are antithetical to our values and we cannot support them.”

Recently, the NIC has been struggling from internal governance dysfunction that has led to in-fighting and the development of factions that are a distraction from the pursuit of the NIC’s mission.

“We face many challenges in the Greek system today and this internal squabbling has rendered the NIC increasingly paralyzed in its efforts,” said Bill Farkas, chief executive officer, Lambda Chi Alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha prides itself on being an organization that meets or exceeds all NIC standards and the fraternity will continue to hold its chapters and members accountable to standards that are equal to or greater than those advanced by the NIC.

“Lambda Chi Alpha will continue to pursue the development of strong co-curricular partnerships with our host institutions across North America and to promote an environment where all like-minded Greek organizations can be successful,” Farkas said. “Unfortunately, we will do so outside the umbrella of the NIC, unless or until, we are convinced that the NIC’s policies and values are consistent with ours and consistent with the best interests of our campus communities.”

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