Phase II | LCA Fraternity


Phase II

The second phase of the colonization is focused on the pre-initiation period and initiation ritual. Additionally, officers will receive support and colony operations will be assessed. This phase will last between 1-2 weeks. During this phase, the staff will complete the following:

  • Pre-Initiation Week
    • The Pre-Initiation is a week dedicated to deepening bonds of members through educational experiences and reflection.
  • Initiation Ritual Exemplification
    • Performed by the Big Brother Chapter
  • Review of colony operations
  • Educational Sessions and follow up of the following topics:
    • Review of operations
    • Harm Reduction
    • Recruitment
    • Officer Training and Goal Setting


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Lambda Chi Alpha’s vision to lead a co-curricular Greek movement, predicated on partnership and collaboration amongst the undergraduates, host institutions, alumni and General Fraternity, and offering an experience that focuses on the maturational development of today’s college man. As such, it is the vision of Lambda Chi Alpha to extend itself beyond the traditional social fraternity in practice and principle.