LCA Timeline: 1900-1919


1905. Cosmopolitan Law Club organized at Boston University.
1909. November 2. Warren A. Cole (Boston 1912) founded Alpha Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at Boston University.
1910. April 27. Our name, Lambda Chi Alpha, is written and recorded for first time in Alpha Zeta minutes and the first Zeta roll, which served as the official membership records for all chapters.

October 3. First ritualistic Initiation.

1911. November 15. Date of Alpha Zeta Charter. First Grand High Zeta elected.

November 23. Alpha Zeta members agreed to issue themselves a charter as the first Zeta. (The charter was dated November 15.)

1912. January 10. First expansion committee appointed. (This marked first step in expansion program.)

February 12. Fraternity’s first quarters obtained at 16 Westlake Avenue, Boston.

March 8. First petition for a charter filed by a group at Rhode Island State College.

April 13. First National Assembly, Boston. (Democracy in government established. General policy agreed upon. Definite expansion policy determined.)

1913. January 15. Cross & Crescent and handbook first officially considered.

March 22. Second National Assembly, Boston. (Foundation laid for present Initiation Ritual — unable to attend, Dr. John E. Mason (Pennsylvania 1913) sends historic letter about his vision; membership restrictions adopted; moral clauses incorporated in Constitution; pledge instruction first considered; Board of Publications established.)

1914. January. No. 1, Vol. I, of the Purple, Green, and Gold appeared. Providence and New York listed as first cities to have alumni associations.

April 9. The present Initiation Ritual is adopted by the Third General Assembly.

1915. January 2. Vol. I, No. I, of Cross & Crescent appeared.

February. Zeta Zephyr is the first chapter publication, published by Zeta Zeta at Penn State.



1917. Twenty-five hundred Lambda Chis (90 percent of membership) in war service. Six Zetas wholly inactive because of enlistments.
1919. December 31. Ernst J.C. Fischer (Cornell 1910) elected second Grand High Alpha at Ann Arbor General Assembly.
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