LCA Timeline 1920-1939


1920. Founding Father Warren A. Cole resigns his membership.

February 12. The central office opened at Kingston, Pennsylvania. Bruce McIntosh (DePauw 1916) is appointed the first full-time chief executive (administrative secretary).

December 15. The central office moved to Indianapolis.


1924. June 9. Delegates from 11 local societies convened at Springfield, Missouri, and formed Theta Kappa Nu. 

September 1. The first full-time salaried traveling secretary, J. Fred Speer, is employed to devote full time to chapter visitation.

October 7. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity becomes incorporated.

1926. Summer. The first edition of The Paedagogus, the official manual of Fraternity Education, is published.
1927. December 3. Lambda Chi Alpha becomes an international fraternity with the installation of Epsilon- Epsilon Zeta at Toronto. 

1928. The practice of hazing is openly condemned by Bruce McIntosh at an NIC meeting.

1932. January 1. The Purple, Green, and Gold changes its name to the Cross & Crescent. 

July. Bruce H. McIntosh becomes president of the Fraternity Executives Association. A central figure in its founding, he is the only one to have served two terms as its head.

1935 September 3. Established in 1933, the Order of Merit inducts its first members at the General Assembly.
1939. October 11. The union of Theta Kappa Nu and Lambda Chi Alpha increases the chapter roll from 77 to 105 and the membership from 20,000 to 27,000, becoming the largest merger in fraternity history.
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