LCA Timeline: 1980-1999


1983. August. The Standards for Chapter Excellence Program is introduced at the Leadership Seminar at Ball State in Muncie, Indiana.
1984. Numerous Founders Day and other commemorative events are conducted in celebration of Lambda Chi Alpha’s 75th anniversary.
1985. August. The first McIntosh Awards are presented to the chapters that successfully implement the Standards for Excellence program.
1988. A Resolution on Alcoholic Beverages is adopted by the 42nd General Assembly that prohibits chapters from purchasing or providing alcohol.
1989. Title of executive director is changed to executive vice president.
1990. June 30. George W. Spasyk retires as executive vice president following 40 years of service on the Administrative Staff. He is succeeded by Thomas A. Helmbock (Evansville 1970). 

August. The position of High Iota (risk manager) is adopted by the 43rd General Assembly, the first fraternity to create a risk management officer in every chapter.

August. The 2.25 minimum grade point standard is adopted by the 43rd General Assembly.

1991. August. Lambda Chi Aplha initiates its 200,000th member, the third fraternity to do so.
1993. Omega Zeta at Auburn becomes the first chapter to initiate 2,000 members.
November. Lambda Chi Alpha sponsors the inagural North American Food Drive, the largest single-day fraternity philanthropic project, and raises more than 256,000 pounds of food for the hungry. 

The Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation of Canada is created.

1995. July. The General Fraternity is presented with the Summit Award from the American Society of Association Executives for its 1994 Brothers Feeding Others North American Food Drive efforts, becoming the first fraternity ever to receive this honor. 

November. The totals of the third annual North American Food Drive exceed 550,000 pounds of food, making it the largest single-day community service event of any student organization

1996. August. The LEAP program is introduced at Leadership Academy prior to the General Assembly in Dallas. It recognizes a commitment among our members to Lead by Example And Precept by attending one of four seminar levels designed to enhance a member’s leadership skills. The 46th General Assembly in Dallas adds two new positions to the Grand High Zeta. The ruling allows the 10 elected Board members to recruit two additional men for the newly created two-year terms, holding the director positions of Grand High Epsilon and Grand High Rho.
1997. November. North American Food Drive totals reach more than one million pounds.
1999. LEAP evolves into Impact Leadership, a program that supplements leadership training with interpersonal communication skills. 

November. North American Food Drive totals reach more than two million pounds.

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