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Position Title: Office of Administration Intern
Reporting to: Sara Perry, Health & Wellness Coach
Avery Baker, Chapter Support Coach
Department: Various
Supervisory responsibilities: No
Position: Four part-time positions


To inspire and equip men to lead an ethical life of growth, service, and leadership.


This is a part-time, summer position that requires undergraduate members and/or graduate/doctoral students to apply! During the summer of 2021, Lambda Chi Alpha will be hiring four Interns to assist the Office of Administration in completing various strategic objectives and implementing summer conferences and programs. This position is for highly motivated, and organized people who can take initiative and collaborate with a variety of teams in order to maximize results.

  • Assisting the Office of Administration with:
    • Completing strategic objectives,
    • Implementing summer conferences and programming, and
    • Managing day-to-day tasks.
  • Providing undergraduate and/or student perspective to members of the Office of Administration Team.

Specifically, this role is responsible for the following:

  • General
    • Assisting in the planning and management of the General Assembly legislation process, and implementation of the Stead Leadership Seminar.
    • Assisting in the implementation of the Facilitator Certification Program.
    • Supporting strategic initiatives as directed by the Senior Leadership Team.
    • Collaborating with the Director of Chapter Support and Coaches to review and assess the Virtual Support Model.
  • Marketing
    • Assisting the Marketing Team with writing articles (i.e., Alumni Spotlights, shorter stories for the C&C website).
    • Assisting with shooting LCA photography.
    • Creating and updating LCA operations guides or other chapter support materials.
    • Versioning/Creating recruitment assets for each chapter to utilize.
    • Editing videos for General Assembly and Stead Leadership Seminar (i.e., pre-event marketing, post-event communication wrap-up, etc.).
    • Writing social media copies.
    • Creating graphics.
    • Assisting with C&C magazine and social media planning.
    • Assisting the Senior Marketing Manager with email projects.
    • Assisting with asset organization within SharePoint.
    • Foundation Specific Projects:
      • Scoping and designing the 2021 Giving Day Challenge Campaign
      • Benchmarking web presence and recommending website enhancements
      • Researching and recommending solutions for a young-alumni giving program
      • Involving key stakeholders in outlining an undergraduate-alumni transitionary program
  • Health & Wellness
    • Marketing
      • Creating a Health & Wellness marketing calendar that institutionalizes/creates language for timely health and wellness social posts and emails.
      • Creating a campus specific, high-risk events calendar and communication plan.
      • Creating a housing corporation marketing calendar for timely emails.
      • Collaborating with the Investigator to develop a Risk Management Assessment communication calendar/plan with email and social media content.
      • Collaborating with the Director of Health & Wellness and Assessment Intern to develop a Dyad Strategies Brotherhood Assessment communication calendar/plan with email and social media content.
    • Assessment
      • Aggregating and analyzing Dyad Strategies Brotherhood Assessment, Associate Member Demographic Data, the Healthy Minds Survey, Birkman data, etc. to identify trends overlapping in the data.
      • Collaborating with the Health & Wellness Marketing intern to develop the best way to present the data via social media and email.
      • Creating digestible reports/presentations of the data that can be utilized year-after-year.
      • Collaborating with the Director of Learning Outcomes:
        • To analyze data from the Birkman Assessment to create a composite for Lambda Chi Alpha and individual chapters.
        • To restructure and reframe conference assessments and incorporate Dyad principles and measurements.
        • To turn event data into a dashboard for the Event Manager that will also feed into the RMA tracker.

The competencies and behaviors that have been specifically sorted as priorities for this job are:


  • Accountability
  • Action Oriented
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Resourcefulness


  • Feedback

Personal Development

  • Integrity
  • Learner
  • Perspective
  • Acting as representative of the organization and an ambassador of Lambda Chi Alpha.
  • Working with various departments and external audiences in communicating and achieving organization initiatives.
  • Protecting confidential and sensitive information.
  • Adhering to and enforcing all applicable organization policies, procedures, and practices.

Considering Lambda Chi Alpha’s team structure, it is likely that duties will extend beyond those listed above. Physical demands of this position include, but are not limited to, bending, lifting, sitting for extended periods, driving, and flying.


Candidates must be a current Undergraduate, Graduate, or Doctoral student who are passionate about the Lambda Chi Alpha and/or fraternal experience. The four selected candidates will be chosen based upon their demonstration of the general, core competencies and their expertise in the following:

  • General (all four positions)
    • Must be coachable and show initiative
  • Marketing-specific
    • Major in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Technical writing, or other relevant degree
    • Experience creating and posting social media content on various platforms
  • Health & Wellness specific
    • Marketing
      • Major in Communications or Marketing
      • Experience creating and posting social media content on various platforms
    • Assessment
      • Basic quantitative and qualitative research experience

The positions are part-time, non-exempt positions located in the organization’s headquarters in Carmel, IN, but will be filled as hybrid (i.e., remote and limited in-person) roles. Job responsibilities and tasks for this position are subject to change based on the needs of the organization and at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer.


The hour pay range starts at $10/hour, and the compensation will correspond with a candidate’s education and experience. Benefits include lodging and travel to Carmel, IN, if applicable.


A complete online application can be found below. The application will require you to submit:

  • A cover letter detailing your qualifications
  • A resume
  • Three professional or experiential references, and
  • An available start date.

Please refer all questions regarding this position to:
Sara Perry, Health & Wellness Coach – sperry@lambdachi.org
Avery Baker, Chapter Support Coach – abaker@lambdachi.org