Feeding America Resources

Feeding America Resources

The Feeding America, Lambda Chi Alpha partnership offers an immense opportunity for brothers to make a significant impact in their community in the fight to end hunger. Below are a variety of resources that should be used by brothers to equip them with the knowledge to make the broadest impact in their philanthropic efforts that support Feeding America.

Feeding America Hunger Action Kit

Click here to access the Feeding America Hunger Action kit. This kit includes videos, shirt designs, graphics, and educational material.

Feeding America Map

FA Map

The map above shows Feeding America food banks and food pantries across the United States. As you can see there is a significant possibility that a Feeding America food bank or pantry is near your college campus. Click on the link under the map to find contact information for your specific food bank and reach out to the contact listed on their page.

When reaching out it’s important to ask the food bank for something specific. This could be an opportunity to have a staff member speak to the chapter, an opportunity to have them help promote or attend your philanthropy event and this allows you to begin to foster a long time relationship with your local food bank.

Click here to view Feeding America’s interactive Map the Meal Gap.

Feeding America Resource Guide

Click here to access the Feeding America Resource Guide, a comprehensive document that provides style guidelines, general information, and tips for High Thetas for planning Feeding America philanthropy events.

Map the Meal Gap

Click here to access the Map the Meal Gap information. This is an opportunity for you to learn about hunger issues across the United States. If your chapter is near one of the severely food insecure areas we encourage you to plan an event, raise food and share your experience with others. You have the opportunity to make a significant impact in your community.

Feeding America, Lambda Chi Alpha One-pager

Click here to access the Feeding America, Lambda Chi Alpha one-pager that includes events that your chapter can hold to raise food and funds for Feeding America.
Click here to access a one-pager with different philanthropies and promotional ideas.

Task List

The links below include two task lists for organizing Feeding America volunteer events. It’s important to follow these tasks and the deadline. Remember to delegate tasks and feel free to make the task list more specific to your chapter.

Click here to access the volunteer task list.

Click here to access the philanthropy task list.


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