Fraternity Board of Directors (Grand High Zeta)

The General Assembly elects all members of the Board of Directors except for the Grand High Sigma, the Grand High Theta, the Grand High Nu, and the Grand High Psi. The Grand High Sigma and Grand High Theta are chosen by the Student Advisory Committee as its chairman and vice chairman, respectively. The Grand High Nu and Grand High Psi are chosen by the Council of Presidents as its chairman and vice chairman, respectively. The Grand High Epsilon and Grand High Rho may be elected by the current Grand High Zeta.

Educational Foundation Board of Directors

Lambda Chi Alpha is fortunate to have hundreds of quiet heroes, including brothers who, often at their own expense, travel to Educational Foundation board meetings and educational conferences to serve as leadership facilitators, and who serve their local chapters as High Pis and House Corporation members. These volunteers serve three-year terms and meet four times a year either by phone or in person. They serve on committees, manage assets, as well as give and raise money for Lambda Chi Alpha.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is Lambda Chi Alpha’s biennial legislative convention. The General Assembly is traditionally held during the summer in even-numbered years at a resort or city hotel. Its purpose is to enact the laws of the Fraternity and elect members to the Grand High Zeta. Each chapter elects an official delegate, who serves as the chapter’s representative.

Student Advisory Committee

In 1970, the General Assembly approved legislation creating the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) and placed its chairman and vice chairman, elected by the committee, on the Grand High Zeta. There are 12 members of the Student Advisory Committee, each representing one of the Conclave areas. SAC discusses topics facing the Fraternity and often develops legislation to be submitted to the General Assembly.

Council of Presidents

The council was formed at the 2004 Council of Presidents’ Conference to create further undergraduate representation on the Grand High Zeta. A chairman and vice chairman of the council are selected by other High Alphas attending the summer conference. Since the individuals that serve on the council are selected by other High Alphas, this group is truly representative. The chairman and vice chairman also serve as members of the Grand High Zeta, serving as the Grand High Nu and Grand High Psi, respectively.

International Headquarters Professional Staff

The day-to-day operations of the International Fraternity are undertaken by the Fraternity’s professional staff whose primary function is to serve the membership one of the largest men’s general fraternities. The professional staff is charged with the responsibility of implementing policy and assisting in the development of programs and workshops.

Educational Leadership Consultants

Lambda Chi Alpha maintains a team of educational leadership consultants (ELCs). As one of the most valuable services offered by the General Fraternity, the ELCs provide professional analysis and assistance for each chapter, usually twice annually, with emphasis on chapter operations, membership, or special problems. They work with the chapter officers in evaluating their duties, analyzing current problems, and developing pragmatic programs suited to each chapter’s special situation.

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