St. Marys High Sigma chosen for competitive soccer league

Peralt playing for St. Mary’s University as a defender.

Featured photo courtesy of Juan Manuel Flores Jr. – Corpus Christi FC 

Being an athlete requires the natural ability to be competitive in nature and continuously look for improvement. Nearly all student-athletes have one thing in common, they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. For Alain Peralt, that concept applies to more than one area of his life.

From the day he was born Peralt was destined to thrive as a defensive soccer player. In 1998, the year he was born, France won the World Cup with an outstanding score of 3 to 0 against Brazil. Peralt’s father, a French immigrant, did not realize the significance of this win until years later. Now his son is competing in one of the most competitive international soccer clubs for aspiring professional athletes.

In March 2019, Peralt was approached by the head coach at St. Mary’s University to refer him for a coveted position on the Corpus Christi FC USL League Two. This is a group of national and international soccer players who are on the track to become professionals upon finishing school. After only a single view of his performance on the field, Peralt was chosen as a member of the summer league.

“Within a week, he [Corpus Christi FC USL League Two coach] texted me and said, ‘we want to offer you a spot on the team.’ I took it in 5 seconds. There are some players who play Division 1 NCAA soccer, and some who came from Serbia. Playing on this team is very competitive.”

Upon accepting his position, Peralt became the 2019-2020 High Sigma for Sigma-Beta Zeta. His dedication on the field translates to his passion for being a leader in his new role. On top of being a Forensic Science major, finding time to give each of his responsibilities the attention they deserve has been a task that Peralt handles well.

“It sounds like a lot but, it’s something I love. I have to meet a higher GPA so I want to show the guys that it’s possible to do all these things. We can have a high GPA and still be in a lot of
extracurricular activities” exclaims Peralt.

As High Sigma, Peralt has a responsibility to hold his brothers to a high standard when it comes to keeping their grades top notch. 2018-2019 High Alpha, Francis Lopez, explains that Peralt is someone who puts a positive face on the fraternity. Lopez acknowledges his character by mentioning his “ever-growing” attitude. Peralt is described as a brother who leaves things better than how he found them and an individual who goes above and beyond his role.

Lopez explains further, “He has a lot of self-respect. Respect is about more than treating other people right, you have to first treat yourself right.”

Peralt is known for carrying the load of his schoolwork while giving his undivided attention to Sigma-Beta Zeta and soccer. His resilience is not only appreciated by his brothers but the campus at large. Lopez exclaims that he is known as a member of the chapter that stands out as a brother worth emulating.

Peralt’s next home game will be located in Corpus Christi, TX on June 1, 2019, in the Dr. Jack Dugan Family Soccer Stadium at 7:00 p.m. Tickets start at four dollars per person with flexibility for single and season tickets. To purchase a ticket or view the schedule for the 2019 season, visit www.corpuschristi.com/schedule/.

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