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What is the Volunteer Certification Process?

The Volunteer Certification Process consists of a self-disclosure, criminal background check and a sex offender check.  Lambda Chi Alpha uses a company called Validity to conduct these checks. This entire process is done online and the self-disclosure provides all applicants the ability to be upfront about something that may appear on the background check.  During the online certification process, documentation will be provided outlining what is expected of a volunteer along with other resources.  Here is the link:

Will my credit score be checked?

No, a credit report will not be run on any volunteer.

Why do I have to complete the Certification Process?

This is certification process was implemented in Lambda Chi Alpha a few years ago. The purpose is to provide yet another measure of safety for our undergraduates as we continue to try and create a safe environment for them. This is not designed to invade anyone’s privacy and is a common practice among volunteer-driven organizations.  All staff and volunteers of the organization are required to complete a background check if they are to have contact with undergraduate members.

Will I have to download any software?

Yes, Java is required to sign the application electronically. Each application must be signed electronically to be completed.

Do I have to complete this volunteer certification if I have done this before?

Yes, every volunteer will have to complete a new certification every two years. We just started a new cycle in October 2012. If you have completed the volunteer certification before that date, you will have to complete the new process.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact George Taylor at or 317-803-7375 with any questions or concerns.

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