C&C Fall-3rd Quarter Issue


 C&C Fall-3rd Quarter Issue

From the Editor

We are through the summer and onto a new, exciting school year! The break was filled with members exploring new places, pursuing wonderful opportunities, and attending Stead Leadership Seminars.

This summer, Lambda Chi Alpha offered not one, but three unique Stead experiences for undergraduate members all across the country. Members were treated to state-of-the-art educational and large group sessions, all while having the chance to meet fellow brothers from across North America.

Each conference proved a success in promoting strong leadership in all chapters of Lambda Chi. In this issue of the Cross & Crescent, you will find coverage from all three conferences in the form of articles, along with pictures.

Throughout the rest of the issue, undergraduates and advisors will find useful information about recruitment and what to expect during an educational leadership consultant visit. In addition, all readers will enjoy stories of friendship and brotherhood which keep the values of Lambda Chi Alpha alive and well.

As always, please remember to check cc.lambdachi.org for the latest updates on what is going on throughout all Lambda Chi Alpha chapters. If you would like to see every article as it is published, please feel free to sign up to receive email alerts by visiting cc.lambdachi.org/subscribe. If you have a story which you would like to submit, please email editor@lambdachi.org.

We would like to extend our thanks to members and friends of Lambda Chi Alpha alike for creating the best experience of any fraternity.

Thank you for reading, and we hope all members have a fantastic start of the school year.

Best Regards,

Taylor Grayson

Editor, Cross & Crescent


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