Health & Wellness

The undergraduate brothers have a great stake in the ability to reduce the risk for potential harm at the chapter. The following are the Health & Wellness strategy basics that a chapter can utilize in an effort to be proactive in establishing a consensus amongst brothers on appropriate action and behaviors.

Our Strategies

Recognition and adherence to Lambda Chi Alpha’s policies, procedures, and a brother’s duty to be his brothers’ brother provide the greatest opportunity to reduce the risk for potential harm in the brotherhood.

Identify Activities and Behaviors

Identify those activities and behaviors most likely to put the chapters or individuals at risk for harm.

Build Awareness of the Problem

Build an awareness/sensitivity to why these issues pose risk/harm.

Create a Strategy to Address the Problem

Develop strategies that mitigate those activities causing harm.

Build Chapter Consensus to Carry Out Strategies

Ensure that each brother is ready and willing to be their brothers’ brother.

Areas of Health & Wellness

  • Education & Awareness
  • Policies
  • Event Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Life & Facility Safety
  • Insurance

Health & Wellness Education

If you have further questions, please contact: jashton@lambdachi.org.

Event Planning

Event Planning Guide

While event planning includes completing and submitting event planning forms to the Office of Administration, its main purpose is as a harm reduction tactic. By engaging in the event planning process, a chapter identifies potential risks for harm that arise when a chapter is organizing an event. The event planning process forces the undergraduate brothers to allow for proper alcohol monitoring, alcohol distribution, crowd control, transportation, and establishing contractual relationships with third party vendors.

What is a Lambda Chi Alpha Event?

To attempt to come up with a definition of a Lambda Chi Alpha function or event is almost impossible. You must consider each of the following in asking the question, “Is this a Lambda Chi Alpha event?”

  • Knowledge — Did leaders of the chapter or chapter brothers have knowledge that the event is going to happen?
  • Support — Did leaders of the chapter or chapter brothers participate in any way?
  • Funding — Did the chapter or a considerable number of brothers finance the event?
  • Location — Did the event take place at a chapter house or a location that could be associated with the Fraternity?

Renting Facilities and Equipment

Often a chapter event will call for leasing, renting, or borrowing a facility or equipment. A brother of the chapter should inspect the facility/equipment. If the inspection reveals anything that can be considered hazardous to spectators, guests, members, or other participants, it should be identified and corrected by the owner or identified in the contract.

Do not agree to use any facility or equipment that is unsafe!

Some examples of exposures to loss due to unsafe facilities and/or equipment:

  • Fires
  • Diving Boards at pools
  • Bleachers
  • Sidewalks
  • Ice
  • Carnival Rides

The Chapter Services team is available to review and assist in any contractual agreements. Work with your Chapter Support Coach, Expansion Development Specialist or Health & Wellness Coach before your chapter signs any contract so we may help review them for any potential concerns.