Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity secures liability insurance for undergraduate brothers, house corporations, alumni advisers, and all members of the board of directors.

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity utilizes James R. Favor for insurance through Lloyds of London, one of world’s best known marketplaces for insurance buyers and sellers. Founded in 1979, Favor & Company has developed additional niche industry insurance programs that are designed to meet the unique insurance needs of fraternities and sororities.

Adding Additional Insureds

Any requests to add third parties, such as universities and colleges, landlords, or special event sponsors to the Lambda Chi Alpha group liability insurance policy as Additional Named Insureds, must be made in writing and be accompanied with appropriate documentation. These requests take approximately two weeks to process, so please plan requests accordingly. If the chapter has made an Additional Insured request in the previous semester, the charge will be assess on this Risk Management Assessment at $250 (Additional Insured) or $500 (Additional Insured with Primary Coverage).  Requests can be sent to