Cross & Crescent FAQ

Cross & Crescent FAQ

On November 2, 2005, Lambda Chi Alpha changed the Cross & Crescent to an electronic format. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions regarding this change and our new format.

How is the Chapter News section organized?

Chapter News, Alumni News, and Omegas were merged into a single Chapter News section. Within this section, all news is grouped by chapter, providing you an easy way to find all news from your chapter and its members.

Why can’t I find my chapter in Chapter News?

You or your chapter has to tell us about your accomplishments in order for us to share it with others. We publish most of what we receive. If your chapter hasn’t submitted any news in a while, contact them, write 100 words on what you learned, and submit it to the Cross & Crescent.

I submitted news but can’t find it. Why?

There’s a good chance it will appear in the next issue. If you want to make sure we received it, please ask us to reply to your message to make sure we received it.

My chapter is closed. Do you publish news on closed chapters?

Your chapter closing has no bearing on the accomplishments of its alumni. If your chapter’s alumni provide us news worth publishing, we will.

What can I do to have my chapter report news more often?

Email or call your chapter. Ask them what they have recently done that is newsworthy. Write it up in 50 to 100 words and submit it for consideration. If you learn of an alumnus’ accomplishment or death, submit that too.

What are your deadlines?

We publish each issue on the 2nd of every month. Our deadline for receiving content is the 25th of every month. Depending on space and editorial considerations, we sometimes accept content after deadline and sometimes hold content for the following issue.

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