Alumni Undergraduate Support Fund

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, your Brothers need your help. Our members need each other more than ever, and your contribution will enable more men to find a place to belong. Thank you for considering to cover the cost of membership for future Brothers. Many of our members rely on Lambda Chi to be their network of support. Your contribution will make a direct impact by offsetting the cost of membership for Future Brothers. This is a challenging time for everyone, and the world needs Lambda Chi now more than ever. 


Overview and Marketing Information

These resources will provide you with a one-sheet overview of the Alumni Undergraduate Support Program as well as information on how you can market the program to help increase available funds.

Access Resources
  • $88

    General Member Dues - Cover the Fraternity dues of an existing Brother

  • $112

    Associate Member Dues - Cover the cost to make a man into an Associate Member

  • $235

    Initiation Dues - Cover the cost to make an Associate Member into a Brother

  • $347

    Full Recruit - Fully fund general Fraternity dues of becoming a new Brother

Please note, your contribution is not tax deductible but will directly support the undergraduates currently in need. All donations will be recognized in a future edition of the Cross & Crescent magazine.