Chapter Services – Fall 2016 E-Guide

Chapter Services E-Guide (Fall 2016)

The following information is extremely important for your chapter. It has been designed to provide you with critical dates and deadlines that you do not want to miss, as well as providing you with general information for each chapter officer. Please make sure you take the time to read everything provided.

In this issue you will find important information on the following items:

Membership Operations

Chapter Operations

Member Education

Harm Reduction Education

Alumni Involvement

Red Letter Dates

Contact your Chapter Services Team

Membership Operations

  • Make ELC a Part of Your Career – Traveling the continent, serving your fraternity, and receiving compensation for talking about Lambda Chi Alpha…these are just a few things that make the position of Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) a great career option for anyone interested in higher education, sales, consulting, development, advancement, and graduate degree programs. ELCs are servant leaders to chapters, colonies, and new expansions, applying their undergraduate leadership experiences on a broader level to thousands of brothers. Serving as an ELC is a two-year position based out of Carmel, IN. To begin the conversation about what it takes to serve as an ELC, please fill out this interest form:
  • As September is a big association month for most chapters here are a couple important things to remember:
    • When entering in your new associate members, how you list their names in the Officer Portal is how their membership cards and certificates will print. For example, if a new associate’s name is Jonathan Alan Doe and you enter him in as John Doe, and he does not change it when he verifies his information, then his membership card and certificate will print as John Doe. If he wants his card and certificate to say Jonathan Alan Doe, he will have to pay for a reprint to be made. You also must capitalize the first letter of a member’s first, middle and last name.
    • A new associate member must sign his membership agreement and update his information before you can request his initiation. It is good practice to start following up with your new associate members as soon as you enter them to make sure they are watching for their personalized validation link email.
    • If you have any problems with the Officer Portal, please feel free to contact your ELC or e-mail
  • Honorary Initiations – Lambda Chi Alpha offers the unique opportunity to honorarily initiate men into our Bond. If you have a faculty member, a father, brother, cousin or know a man that would benefit from membership, work with your advisors and offer an honorary membership.

Chapter Operations

  • CORE Report Coming This Fall – The Chapter/Colony Operation Reflection & Elevation (CORE) Report will be going live in September, 2016. The CORE Report can be accessed by all chapter/colony members through the LCA One Portal. The CORE Report is a once-per-year submission on April 15. Similar to an accreditation program at colleges and universities, the CORE Report allows you to give the General Fraternity information about your programming and brotherhood in your own words. In the following fall semester, your chapter/colony will receive unique feedback about how to improve over the course of the next academic year. All chapters and colonies must submit a report by April 15 annually.
  • The Consultant Visit Report – Starting in 2012, your ELC began using a newly-formatted report to document his visit to your chapter. In order to make our reporting more accurate, efficient, and up-to-date, the ELC now submits his reports to the General Fraternity through the Officer Portal. While you will still receive a PDF copy of your ELC report, the information collected by your ELC will update, in real time, your chapter’s Officer Portal record and ratings on the Chapter Report Card. During his visit, the ELC will assess and rate your chapter based on the Chapter Operating Standards (found in the Constitution and Statutory Code) and the expectations laid out in each officer’s Operations Guide (these can be found in the Document Library on Officer Portal, and on The expectations in the Operations Guide are based off of each officer’s responsibilities outlined on our laws and manuals, with input from long-time chapter advisors, Master Stewards, the Student Advisory Committee, and Lambda Chi Alpha’s professional staff. Your chapter will be rated in each operational area with one of the following ratings: BELOW BASIC, BASIC, ADVANCED, EXCEPTIONAL, and BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL. These ratings more closely mirror those found in the individual Operations Guides. This clarified rating system gives a more accurate, thorough assessment of your chapter’s operations, and a better picture of what elements of Lambda Chi Alpha programming need to be implemented. This requires your officers to be prepared for their meetings! The ELC can only assess your chapter based on the information provided to him during chapter and officer meetings.
If you have any questions about this rating system, please contact your ELC or Associate Director of Chapter Services Josh Womack.
  • Recruitment Challenge – For the 2016-2017 academic year, Lambda Chi Alpha CEO, Bill Farkas has challenged our membership to increase their number of associations. Each chapter and colony has been given a snapshot of their recent recruitment statistics, as well as a specific goal to strive for this year. If you have questions about your goal please email

  • 2016-2017 Expansions – Lambda Chi Alpha is excited to share that it will be establishing colonies at 7 schools during the 2016-2017 academic year. If you know of any men who attend these schools and would make great Lambda Chi Alpha men please email To follow the expansion process and see the colony form, please follow them on social media.

Fall 2016

University at Buffalo

Buffalo Logo

Middle Tennessee State University

MTSU Graphic


Southern Illinois University – Carbondale


University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


Spring 2017

Houston Baptist University
HBU Husky Head Combined
Johnson & Wales University – ProvidenceJohnson-Wales-University-Logo-300x224

University of North Texas


  • Congratulations to 5 Colonies – Congratulations to the 5 colonies that have been approved to charter during the Fall 2016 term. These men have worked diligently to achieve the chartering standards and will be installed as chapters:
    • Huntingdon College
    • Shippensburg University
    • South Dakota State University
    • Stetson University
    • Syracuse University

If you are interested in attending one these chartering banquets, please reach out to the colony’s High Alpha for more details.

Member Education

  • High Alpha Summit 2017 – SAVE THE DATE…. This event is scheduled to held January 12-15, 2017 at the JW Marriott in Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana!
    • The High Alpha Summit is a three-day gathering of chapter and colony presidents within Lambda Chi Alpha. Participants will learn the fundamentals of being the chief executive officer for their respective chapters or colonies, with emphasis on leadership, ethics, operations management, external relations, and risk management.
    • Registration for the event will open mid-November. More information will be shared very soon, but feel free to contact Associate Director of Education, Marcus Kelley, at with questions in the meantime.
  • Education Plans – This semester the International Headquarters will be collecting written Fraternity Education and Pre-Initiation Week plans from each chapter and colony during the consultant visit. These plans will be used to help revise the “Pre-Initiation Guide” and further develop a future resource, the “Experiential Learning Guide.” High Kappas and High Phis should come prepared to their meeting with the Educational Leadership Consultant with these documents. Beyond the potential of having your chapter or colony’s event included in a future international resource, officers are reminded that creating, using, and updating these documents are basic tasks as outlined by the Officer Operations Guides.
  • Updated Ritual Books – The 56th General Assembly updated select portions of the Initiation Ritual to be implemented by January 1, 2017. In January, your chapter/colony will receive a Ritualism kit containing all of the updated materials you’ll need to conduct a successful exemplification of the Initiation Ritual. Within the kit will be pre-paid postage to return your current set of materials in an even swap. For more information, please contact your ELC.

Harm Reduction Education

  • EVERFI Partnership – Lambda Chi Alpha’s educational programming is about systematically changing our members by fundamentally developing who they are (emotional understanding), what they know (cognitive understanding), and what they can do (behavioral understanding). In an effort to assist all chapters with member development and developing sound Harm Reduction practices, Lambda Chi Alpha has partnered with EVERFI to help you enhance the experience of all members at your local chapter. EVERFI’s GreekLifeEdu interactive online program is designed to help you educate Associate Members about critical issues impacting Lambda Chi Alpha and the fraternal world, including alcohol awareness, sexual assault, and hazing. The program will specifically ensure that all incoming new members of Lambda Chi Alpha are able to make the connection between best harm reduction practices and Lambda Chi Alpha’s Seven Core Values. For more information about GreekLifeEdu, we encourage you to watch the following video:

The program is a free initiative that will allow you to enhance your already existing Fraternity Education Program, and will give you access to the data collected through the survey’s provided to help drive the creation of your yearly Harm Reduction Education Program. It is an expectation that each Zeta participate during the Fall 2016 semester as they associate new members.

  • Risk Management Assessment (RMA) – In the event you find a discrepancy on your RMA please contact Associate Director of Harm Reduction Alyssa Bennett immediately to have it corrected. All changes are due by October 15. After this no further adjustments will be made to your RMA. Your chapter’s RMA can be found in the Document Library of the Officer Portal under the “Harm Reduction” tab.
  • Harm Reduction Report Now a Part of CORE Report – Please note that the Harm Reduction Report (HRR) has been absorbed by the CORE Report, which can be accessed through LCA One; rather than biannual submission of the HRR, it will be included in the CORE submission to assess credits and debits for the Risk Management Assessment. If you have questions about the Harm Reduction Report portion of the CORE Report, please contact your ELC or
  • Event Planning – The past academic year saw nearly 1,450 event planning forms submitted to the International Headquarters for review. The Chapter Services team is excited to see this total continue to grow as we promote the completion of safe and successful chapter events. Please continue to utilize your chapter’s ELC, Officer Operations Guides, and the Lambda Chi Alpha Event Planning Guide as valuable resources in navigating through this process. Any additional questions or concerns about the event planning process as a whole, or an individual form, may be directed to

Alumni Involvement

  • High Pi appointments for the fall term must be complete by October 15, 2016 for credit on the RMA. If you do not have a High Pi or have questions about what is needed to appoint or reappoint a High Pi, please email
  • Homecomings, Tailgates and other alumni events are great ways to engage alumni in your chapter operations as guest speakers for chapter functions, participation in philanthropy projects, professional networking and mentorships opportunities, and much more. Take advantage of their presence and get updated contact information. GET THEM INVOLVED!
  • Last year we saw a huge increase in the number of alumni involved with our chapters. All of this year’s Phoenix Award, Grand High Alpha Award and Duke Flad Award recipients had one thing in common; involved alumni who challenge our members to be leaders. Active and engaged alumni working in chapters are the key to successful operations. Right now, 66% of our chapters meet the alumni involvement standard. Let’s keep the upward momentum and raise the bar again this year.

Red Letter Dates

September 20

High Pi/ACB Chair Conference Call

October 14

Last day for Roster Changes to Receive Credits/Make RMA Changes

October 17

Actives Dues and Insurance Payments Due

October 18

High Pi/ACB Chair Conference Call

November 15

High Pi/ACB Chair Conference Call

November 17

Registration for High Alpha summit 2017 opens

November 24-25

IHQ Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

December 14

Registration for High Alpha summit 2017 closes

December 22 – January 4

IHQ Closed for Holiday Break

December 31

ELC Interest Form Due

January 12-15, 2017

High Alpha Summit 2017

Contact your Chapter Services Team

Nick Zuniga
Director of Chapter Services
(317) 872-8000

Joshua Womack
Associate Director of Chapter Services
(317) 803-7352

Alyssa Bennett
Associate Director of Harm Reduction
(317) 803-7373

Christopher Buck
Associate Director of Expansion
(317) 803-7363

Marcus Kelley
Associate Director of Education
(317) 803-7376

George Taylor
Associate Director of Alumni Involvement
(317) 803-7375

Kyle McCormick
Chapter Conduct Coordinator
(317) 803-7379

David Schieler
Education Curriculum Specialist
(317) 803-7328

We believe in Lambda Chi Alpha, and its traditions, principles, and ideals. The crescent is our symbol—pure, high, and ever growing; and the cross is our guide—denoting service, sacrifice, and even suffering and humiliation before the world, bravely endured if need be, in following that ideal.
May we have faith in Lambda Chi Alpha and passion for its welfare. May we have hope for the future of Lambda Chi Alpha, and strength to fight for its teachings. May we have pure hearts, that we may approach the ideal of perfect brotherly love.

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