As an undergraduate member, your role is to serve your community through philanthropic efforts, community service, and advocacy.

When hosting a philanthropy event, you can utilize resources found on the resources page to plan your event. A philanthropy event consists of you raising cans or money for your community. Remember that the Feeding America Headquarters conversion rate is $1 is equal to 8 meals. Your local food bank may have a higher or lower conversion rate.

When conducting community service, you should volunteer at the food bank or food pantry. This consists of you and members of your chapter physically going to the food bank to help hand out meals, pack goods, organize food etc. Every time you help a food bank you are living out the value of service and stewardship. This can even be incorporated into a fraternity education event.

Advocacy plays an integral role as an undergraduate. You have the opportunity to share with your friends, campus, and community what you are doing to fight hunger. You can share with them the impact you have when raising money and food and how that will impact people’s lives. You are changing the world and it’s your opportunity to share how you are doing it with everyone.

As you continue to get involved with Lambda Chi Alpha and Feeding America, remember that you are the true individuals making a difference in the fight to end hunger. If you need additional resources or support please contact Brandan Bonds at 317-803-7311 or at


One of our open motto’s is Χαλεπα Τα Καλα (Naught Without Labor.) While you are raising food and money we want our brothers to live that motto by volunteering at your local food bank. There are a variety of ways to volunteer at the food bank which include:

  • Backpack Program
  • Food sorting/packaging
  • Senior Grocery Program
  • Volunteering at the food pantries
  • Mobile Food Pantries
  • College Food Pantries

Similar to planning a philanthropy event you will need to coordinate all of the logistics. This includes the needs of the food bank, the number of members attending, and transportation to and from the food bank.

Step 1: An easy goal is to set up one volunteer event a semester.
Step 2: Coordinate a date that will work for your chapter and the food bank. Plan this at least a month in advance.
Step 3: Offer the opportunity to your brothers to volunteer. Be sure to inform brothers that while it may take time, it is an opportunity to give back, to spend time with your brothers, and to make a difference.
Step 4: Volunteer, have fun and share your experience with your brothers and the General Fraternity using the hashtag #LCAFightsHunger.

Our Impact

Since our partnership began in 2013 we have provided over 15 million meals to those in need. This opportunity allows us to create meaningful relationships with community leaders, make an immediate impact in our community and live our values.

Our impact will also last the test of time. When you volunteer, food bank clients may not know your name, or who you are, but they will remember you. Because you gave them hope, you raised food for them, and you assisted them in a time of need. Our hope is that each brother has a lasting impact not only on himself but on those he serves.