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Dr. John E. Mason Jr. (Pennsylvania 1913), the spiritual founder of Lambda Chi Alpha, established the Educational Foundation in 1946 through a bequest of $2,500 left to the Fraternity after his unexpected death at age 54. The next General Assembly passed a resolution that authorized the Grand High Zeta to establish a trust known as “The John E. Mason Foundation” that was to be operated exclusively for beneficent, charitable, literary, and educational purposes. In 1968, in keeping with the objectives of the Educational Foundation, the name was changed to the “Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation.” And in 1994, the Educational Foundation of Canada was formed to allow Canadian brothers tax relief in recognition of their charitable giving. From this modest beginning, the Educational Foundation has grown to assets of more than $7.5 million.The mission of the Educational Foundation is “to provide the funding to continue and expand leadership development and educational programs for Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and its related constituencies, and to perpetuate the existence of these programs for future generations of youth as a complement to the experience of higher education.”

It is through this that the vision of the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation is “to prepare and encourage collegiate men of good character, high ethics, and noble ideals to contribute positively to the world in which they live.”

Some of the ways the Educational Foundation is able to follow its mission and vision is by providing financial support for various leadership conferences; Leadership Seminars/General Assemblies; alumni advisors; academic programs; alcohol, drug, and social education; and the chapter visitation program.

Alumni brother support has provided millions of dollars to strengthen and build Lambda Chi Alpha. Each year, nearly 4,000 alumni brothers contribute to the Educational Foundation through the Annual Fund. These gifts help sponsor the leadership training and personal development programs. They also sponsor an undergraduate scholarship program to assist deserving brothers and associate members who have excelled academically.

Alumni brother gifts support programs that directly affect the brothers and associate members of your chapter through their participation at Lambda Chi Alpha’s regional and international leadership conferences. Portions of alumni brother donations sponsor the work of the Educational Leadership Consultants who visit and counsel our chapters.

To further enhance the educational aspect of the collegiate Lambda Chi Alpha brother and associate member, increased participation in Educational Foundation giving and programs is needed. As an undergraduate, make yourself aware of the programs and scholarships available — and apply. As an alumni brother, understand the role and importance of the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation and your support of it — and give generously of your time, talent, or treasure.

The Educational Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of distinguished alumni brothers. The Educational Foundation’s professional staff is led by Josh Lodolo (Cal State-Northridge 2004) as president and CEO.

As you can see there are many ways to serve your community and fraternity as an undergraduate and as an alumnus. We are called to serve those around us and inspired through our creed and teachings to be servants and stewards of our chapter and community.

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