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2018 Impact Report

My heart is filled with Lambda Chi Alpha. And by the fact that you’re among a select few alumni leaders and friends receiving the enclosed Impact Report, I know yours is, too.

I am deeply honored to have been selected by fellow brothers to lead the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation at this pivotal moment in our distinguished history — one in which we foresee unparalleled opportunity to grow and strengthen members’ passion for advancing the Fraternity’s vision and mission.

The enclosed Impact Report gives you a glimpse of how alumni and friends are coming together to achieve this reality. Since the dawn of the new millennium, Lambda Chi Alpha has journeyed to new heights in both membership and alumni participation. Today, we celebrate your generosity, which echoes your deep devotion to a lifetime of true brotherhood.

Your giving has real impact. It enables the Fraternity to answer the compelling call that we do more to assist young members during what are often the most challenging and formative years of their lives.

Working together, we possess unlimited potential in positioning Lambda Chi Alpha to inspire and equip more men to lead an ethical life of growth, service, and leadership.

This is our mission. I’m proud to help lead the way to its attainment, assuring Lambda Chi Alpha’s future is one of growth, service, and leadership. If you have questions or would like to discuss the Educational Foundation’s future, feel free to contact me at: or (317) 803-7329.

Sincerely yours in ZAX and friendship,

Dan Hartmann
President and CEO

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