• Dr. James W. “Jim” Abbott (South Dakota)President of the University of South Dakota (15 years)
  • Dr. Martin Abegg (Bradley)President Emeritus of Bradley (22 years)
  • Dr. John Stuart Allen  (Colgate) — Former and 1st president of the University of South Florida
  • Dr. Norman R. Auburn (Cincinnati) — Former President of the University of Akron (20 years)
  • Dr. Hugh C. Bailey (Samford) — Former President of Valdosta State (22 years)
  • Dr. Samuel Beatty (Toronto)Former Chancellor of the University of Toronto, 1st president of the Canadian Mathematical Society and served in that capacity for over 30 years
  • Dr. Daniel Luke Biemesderfer (Franklin & Marshall) — Former president of Millersville College (22 years)
  • Dr. Lambuth McGeehee Clarke (Randolph-Macon) — Former President of Virginia Wesleyan (26 years)
  • Dr. William Crouch (Wake Forest/Georgetown) — President of Georgetown, Ky (21 years)
  • Dr. James A. Davis (Randolph-Macon) — Former President of Shenandoah University (26 years)
  • Dr. Frank N. Elliott (Alfred) — Former President of Rider College (21 years)
  • Dr. Edward T. Foote (Yale/Miami-FL) — Former President of University of Miami (20 years)
  • Dr. William C. Friday (North Carolina State)1st President of the University of North Carolina system (30 years)
  • Dr. Paschal Clay Gaines (Washington State) — served as president of Montana State College on four separate occasions, professor and dean of faculty, with school for 43 years
  • Dr. Harold D. Germer (Denison) — Former President of Ottawa University (20 years)
  • Dr. Earl Bruce Heilman (Peabody/North Carolina State) — Former President of the University of Richmond and Methodist College (21 years)
  • Dr. Homer Lee Hitt (Louisiana State)1st Chancellor at LSU @ New Orleans (22 years)
  • Dr. William Bay Irvine (Marietta) Former President of Marietta (15 years)
  • Dr. Leo Warren Jenkins (East Carolina)Former President and Chancellor of East Carolina (18 years)
  • Dr. Warren Franklin Jones (Georgetown) — served twice as president Campbellsville College (5 years) former President of Union University, Tennessee (18 years)
  • Dr. Arnold E. Joyal Sr. (California-Berkeley/Fresno State)Former President of Fresno State College (16 years)
  • Dr. George Kidd (Drexel)Former President of Tiffin University (21 years)
  • Dr. Maxwell King (Auburn) — Former President of Brevard Community College (30 years)
  • Carl Martin Kuttler, Jr. (Florida State)Former President of St. Petersburg College (31 years)
  • Dr. Malcolm A. Love (Simpson) — Former President of the University of Nevada and San Diego State University (21 years)
  • Dr. Richard E. McDowell (High Point) — Former president of the University of Pittsburgh @ Bradford (29 years)
  • Dr. Richard H. Mosier (Oklahoma State) — Former president of Marygrove College (18 years)
  • Dr. Samuel Somerville Stratton (Dartmouth)Former president of Middlebury College (20 years)
  • Dr. Ben A. “Todd” Parnell III (Drury)President of Drury
  • Dr. Wendell M. Patton (Wofford) Former President of High Point (24 years), he succeeded Dennis H. Cooke (North Carolina), who had served as president for 10 years
  • Dr. Thomas F. Schutte (Valparaiso)President of Pratt Institute, previously president of Rhode Island School of Design and also Philadelphia College of Art (37 years)
  • Dr. John E. Shay, Jr. (Florida)Former President of Marygrove College (18 years)
  • Dr. Charles E. Smith (Tennessee) Former Chancellor of the Tennessee Board of Regents, former Tennessee Commissioner of Education, former Executive Director of the National Assessment Governing Board
  • Dr. Cluster Q. Smith (Southern Methodist) — president and chancellor of Oklahoma City University (20 years)
  • Dr. Willis M. Tate (Southern Methodist)Former President of SMU (20 years)
  • Dr. William E. Troutt (Union-TN)College president since 1982, Chairman of the American Council on Education
  • Dr. Richard D. Valentine (Culver-Stockton)Current president of Culver-Stockton
  • Dr. Herman Viets (Polytechnic) President of Milwaukee School of Engineering, COB of Astro-Med
  • Dr. Albert A. Watrel (Syracuse) — Former president of Slippery Rock and Dickinson State (26 years)
  • Dr. W. Roger Webb (Oklahoma State)College president since 1978, President of the Association of State Colleges and Universities
  • Dr. Benjamin T. Whitfield (Florida Southern) — 1st president of South Arkansas Community College (22 years)
  • Dr. Clifford Oscar Titus Wieden (Colby) — 1st President of Aroostock State College (22years)
  • Dr. John Hepler Wood (Missouri/Culver-Stockton) Former president of Culver-Stockton
  • Dr. Donald W. Zacharias (Georgetown) Former president of Mississippi State and Western Kentucky (20 years)

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