• Thomas G. Abernethy (Cumberland) — Former U.S. Representative from Mississippi (31 years)
  • Lincoln Almond (Rhode Island) — Former governor of Rhode Island
  • Sergio S. Balanzino (Wisconsin) — Former Italian Ambassador to Canada, former Acting Secretary General of NATO, former Deputy Secretary General of NATO
  • Willard L. Beaulac (Brown) — Former Ambassador to Paraguay, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Argentina
  • Ellis Y. Berry (South Dakota) — Former U.S. Representative from South Dakota (20 years)
  • G. Russell Boucher (Toronto) — Former member of the Canadian Parliament
  • Kevin Brady (South Dakota) — U.S. Congressman
  • John B. Breaux (Southwestern Louisiana) — U.S. Representative from Louisiana from 1972 to 1987 and US Senator from Louisiana from 1987 to 2005.
  • Omar T. Burleson (Cumberland) — Former U.S. Representative from Texas (31 years)
  • Donald Louis Carcieri (Brown) — Former Governor of Rhode Island
  • Ewan Clague (Washington) — Commissioner of Labor Statistics for the Department of Labor (20 years)
  • Maxwell Cleland (Stetson) — Secretary of the American Battle Monuments Commission, U.S. Senator, Administrator of the Veterans Administration
  • John Danforth (Princeton) — former attorney general of Missouri, former United States senator, former ambassador to the United Nations
  • Dennis M. Daugaard (South Dakota) — Governor of South Dakota
  • Lloyd Alton Doggett (Texas) — U.S. Representative from Texas, former Justice of the Texas State Supreme Court
  • Wendell H. Ford (Kentucky) Former Governor and Senator from Kentucky
  • Alan Scott Frumin (Colgate) — Former parliamentarian of the United States Senate
  • Dr. Gerhard Gmoser (Southern California) — former Austrian Ambassador
  • Dr. Henry Francis Grady (California-Berkeley) — 1st US Ambassador to India
  • Joe F. Harris (Georgia) — Former Governor of Georgia
  • Harold T. Johnson (Nevada-Reno) — U.S. Congressman from California (21 years)
  • James Robert Jones (Oklahoma) — COB of the World Affairs Councils of America, former US Representative, former Chairman of the American Stock Exchange, former Ambassador to Mexico
  • Sam Houston Jones (Louisiana State) — former governor of Louisiana, park named in his honor
  • Melville C. Kelly (Muskingum/Pittsburgh) — Former U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania (20 years)
  • John Heddens “Jack” Kingston (Georgia) — U.S. Congressman from Georgia (20 years)
  • Earl W. Kintner (DePauw) — Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission
  • James T. Lloyd (Culver-Stockton) — Former U.S. Congressman from Missouri (20 years)
  • Freddie R. Marshall (Millsaps) — Former U.S. Secretary of Labor
  • Gary Matthews (Drury) — Ambassador to the Island of Malta and the Balkans, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • Joe Dan Osceola (Georgetown) — former President of the Seminole Tribe
  • Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul (Gettysburg) — Former U.S. Congressman from Texas (23 years)
  • Tom Rooney (Washington & Jefferson) — U.S. Congressman from Florida
  • Dr. R. Richard Rubottom, Jr. (Southern Methodist) — Former Ambassador to Argentina, formr President of SMU
  • Charles Hinton Russell (Nevada-Reno) — Former Governor of Nevada, former U.S. Representative from Nevada
  • Alfred A. Taylor (Cumberland) — Former Governor of Tennessee, former U.S. Representative from Tennessee
  • Paul S. Trible Jr. (Hampton-Sydney) — President of Christopher Newport (16 years), former US Senator and former U.S. Representative, both from Virginia
  • Harry S. Truman (Missouri) — Former President of the United States, former Vice President of the United States, U.S. Senator from Missouri
  • Kevin Yoder (Kansas) — U.S. Congressman from Kansas

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