• Col. Thomas D. Akers  (Missouri S&T) Former astronaut
  • Maj. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington (Washington) Medal of Honor recipient
  • Lt. Gen. Richard “Tex” Brown (Texas Christian) Assistant Vice Chief of Staff USAF
  • Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell (Kansas State)Commanding General U.S. Army Europe
  • Gen. Bruce C. Clarke (Tennessee) Commander Continental Army Command
  • Lt. Gen. John B. Conaway (Evansville) Commanding General of the National Guard
  • Col. Charles B. DeBellevue (Southwestern Louisiana) — Flying “Ace” in Vietnam, Air Force Cross
  • Gen. Russell  Dougherty (Louisville) Commander in Chief of the Strategic Air Command
  • Gen. James H. Doolittle (California-Berkeley) Medal of Honor recipient
  • Lt. Gen. James Elles (Alabama/West Point) Commanding General 3rd Army
  • Lt. Gen. Vern M. Findley II (Arizona State) Vice Commander, Air Mobility Command USAF
  • Lt. Gen. Thomas Healy Jr. Massachusetts/West Point – Commandant of the Army War College
  • Gen. William Hobbins (Colorado) Commander, U.S. Air Forces Europe
  • Lt. Gen. William E. Ingram Jr.  (North Carolina State) Director of the Army National Guard
  • Gen. Andrew P. Iosue (Massachusetts) Commander of the Air Training Command
  • Lt. Gen. William Lawton (WPI/West Point) Comptroller of the United States Army
  • Rear Adm. Theodore C. Lonnquest (Dartmouth) in charge of Bureau of Aeronautics
  • Maj. Gen. Royal B. Lord (Brown) COB of World War Development Corporation and Deputy Chief of Staff for General Dwight W. Eisenhower
  • Rear Adm. William Matthew Lukash (Michigan State) — Personal physician to four United States Presidents
  • Vice Adm. Walter B. Massenburg (Washington & Jefferson) – Commander of Naval Air Systems Command
  • Maj. Gen. James M. McDonald (Tennessee-Chattanooga) — Commanding General U.S. Army Cadet Command
  • Col. Richard Henry McDow (Alabama) — POW, 5 Distinguished Flying Crosses
  • Gen. Montgomery Meigs (Colgate/West Point) — Commanding General of the 7th Army
  • Gen. Frank Mildren (Nevada-Reno) — Commander, Allied Land Forces Southeast Europe
  • Maj. Gen. Luther D. Miller  (Thiel) — Former Chief of Chaplains, U.S. Army
  • Vice Adm. John Harris Nicholson  (Nevada-Reno/Naval Academy) — Submariner
  • Lt. Gen. David Ott (Auburn/West Point) — Commander of VII Corps
  • Maj. Gen. Roy H. Parker (William Jewell) — Former Chief of Chaplains, United states Army
  • Lt. Gen. Ken Peck (San Diego State) — Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
  • Cpt. Richard N. Richards (Missouri) — Former astronaut
  • Vice Adm. Murrey L. Royar (California-Berkeley) — In charge of U.S. Navy Supply Corps
  • Brig. Gen. William Seawell (Arkansas/West Point) — Commandant of Cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy; COB/CEO of Pan American World Airways
  • Lt. Gen. Carl Smith (Franklin & Marshall) — Assistant Vice Chief of Staff of the USAF
  • Maj. Gen. R. Martin Umbarger (Evansville) — Adjutant General Indiana National Guard
  • Col. Terrence W. Wilcutt (Western Kentucky) — Former astronaut


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