• Dr. Samuel K. Allison (Chicago)physicist, Manhattan Project
  • Dr. J. Michael Bishop (Gettysburg)Immunologist, Nobel Prize, recipient of National Medal of Science
  • Dr. Neil Campbell (Edinburgh/Duke) — Chemist, Order of the British Empire
  • Dr. Donald J. Cram (Rollins) — Chemist; Nobel Prize, recipient of National Medal of Science
  • Dr. James E. Dalen (Washington State) — Recipient of Harvard’s 2010 Alumni Award of Merit
  • Frederick A. Farrar (Worcester) — Developed the first dimmer for car headlights
  • Frederick W. Garry (Rose-Hulman) — Recipient of National Medal of Technology & Invention in 1990 for the, “design, manufacture and commercialization of high-performance jet engines…”
  • Dr. Robert Gray Gallagher (Pennsylvania) IEEE Medal of Honor, Claude E. Shannon Award, Harvey Prize
  • Dr. Leland John Haworth (Indiana) – Director of the Atomic Energy Commission and National Science Foundation
  • Dr. C. Glen King (Washington State) — Biochemist, discovered benefits of Vitamin C
  • Dr. Frank R. Lillie (Chicago) — 13th president of the National Academy of Sciences, founder and 1st president of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
  • Britt M. Mayfield (Oklahoma) — Former director of the National Hurricane Center, received Gold Medals for his work during Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Isabel, received multiple other award including an Emmy Award for extraordinary contributions to television by someone not normally eligible for Emmy awards
  • Dr. David B. Melvin (Union-TN) — Performed Cincinnati’s first heart transplant in 1985
  • Dr. Donald Frederick Othmer (Polytechnic)Chemical engineer who co-wrote the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, held 150 US Patents
  • Robert J. Patton (Michigan) — Recipient of the highest award in aeronautical engineering; Reed Aeronautics Award
  • Dr. B F. Skinner (Hamilton) — Psychologist, ecipient of National Medal of Science
  • Dr. Harry B. Smith (Missouri S&T) — Received 15 patents related to electronic systems and circuits, development of the pulse Doppler radar for which he received the David Sarnoff Award in 1962 and the IEEE Pioneer Award in 1984
  • Dr. Eugene C. Starr (Oregon State)IEEE Lamme Medal and Habirshaw Award
  • Dr. Jabez Curry Street (Auburn) — Member of the National Academy of Sciences, discovered the particle MUON, contributed to the development of Radar and the Global Radio Navigation System, author, chairman of Harvard Physics Department
  • Russell G. Whittemore (WPI) — Developed laminated safety glass
  • James H. Williams (WPI) — Developer of sulpha drugs and Aureomycin
  • Dr. Jerry M. Woodall (MIT) C. Baldwin Sawyer professor of electrical engineering at Yale, issued 67 US Patents, many awards and honors including IEEE Jack A. Morton Award, the 1985 ECS Solid State Science and Technology Award, 1998 Electrochemical Society’s Edward Goodrich Acheson Award

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