Brand Identity

Visual Identity Style Guide

The purpose of this style guide is to make clear and simple rules, permit few exceptions to the rules, and provide uniformity for any and all communications related to the Lambda Chi Alpha brand.

The International Headquarters’ branding system aims to create a visual image consistent with our Fraternity’s Seven Core Values while supporting the goals and expectations of our strategic plan.

Critical to the overall impact of this master brand is the consistent branding support execution by our vendors, individual chapters and alumni organizations. This guide serves as a reference for all who work with Lambda Chi Alpha, both internally and externally. All items can be downloaded here

If you have questions, please contact Lambda Chi Alpha’s Communications Department.

Bringing the Brand to Life

Primary Colors


RGB: 83, 43, 126
HEX: #532B7E
CMYK: 34, 66, 0, 51
PMS: 268


RGB: 46, 26, 75
HEX: #2E1A4B
CMYK: 39, 65, 0, 71


RGB: 88, 79, 161
HEX: #584fA1
CMYK: 45, 51, 0, 37


RGB: 4, 107, 55
HEX: #046B37
CMYK: 96, 0, 49, 58
PMS: 349


RGB: 9, 61, 32
HEX: #093D20
CMYK: 85, 0 ,48, 76


RGB: 0, 128, 0
HEX: #008000
CMYK: 100, 0, 100, 50


RGB: 213, 162, 41
HEX: #D5A229
CMYK: 0, 24, 81, 16
PMS: 7563


RGB: 114, 82, 32
HEX: #725220
CMYK: 0, 28, 72, 55


RGB: 246, 178, 59
HEX: #F6B23B
CMYK: 0, 28, 76, 4

Secondary Colors


RGB: 61, 61, 61
HEX: #3D3D3D
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 76
PMS: 447

RGB: 183, 183, 183
HEX: #B7B7B7
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 28
PMS: Cool Gray 5

RGB: 227, 227, 227
HEX: #E3E3E3
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 11
PMS: Cool Gray 1


RGB: 67, 34, 20
HEX: #432214
CMYK: 0, 49, 70, 74
PMS: 4975

RGB: 143, 76, 33
HEX: #8F4C21
CMYK: 0, 47, 77, 44
PMS: 1615

RGB: 192, 81, 39
HEX: #C05127
CMYK: 0, 58, 80, 25
PMS: 7580

Tertiary Colors


RGB: 107, 51, 51
HEX: #6B3333
CMYK: 0, 52, 52, 58

RGB: 186, 0, 0
HEX: #BA0000
CMYK: 0, 100, 100, 27

RGB: 214, 102, 102
HEX: #D66666
CMYK: 0, 52, 52, 16




Futura is our primary typeface and should be used whenever possible. It is a sans serif font with an approachable, clean, professional, and bold feel that matches the perception of our brotherhood. Download Futura.



Sabon can be used in combination with Futura but never as the primary typeface. It provides a more organic contrast to the clean feel of Futura. Download Sabon.


Electronic/System Fonts

For online applications or instances in which our primary typeface is not available, use Lato or Arial in place of Futura and Times New Roman in place of Sabon.

Examples of these applications include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, online applications that use HTML text, and email. Arial is a system font, available on all computers and communicates a similar message. 



Our identity uses more than words to bring Lambda Chi Alpha’s vision to life. It is the basis for consistently and effectively communicating who we are. Through the logo, logo type, lockup, and tag, Lambda Chi Alpha communicates its values.

The lockup consists of a logo, the visual cross and crescent, and the logo type. The lockup should be used on digital and printed media. If the lockup cannot be used then the logo can replace it.


Lambda Chi Alpha has adopted a seal design to serve the same purpose as the impression made by the signet rings of historic kings, and its purpose is to identify General Fraternity documents and publications. It should not be used for decoration, or as an ornament for items such as jewelry or stationery, unless it is to be used as the official stationery of the General Fraternity. It is now properly used on charters, membership certificates, and authorized publications of the General Fraternity.

The design consists of the cross and crescent upon which is superimposed a shield bearing the letters of the Fraternity, above all of which appears a Gothic circle bearing, in Greek, the inscription, “Seal of the Brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha.” It is in the Fraternity colors of purple, green, and gold.

Cross & Crescent (Logo)

The primary symbol of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. The open motto, “Per Crucem Crescens,” or, “Crescent through the Cross,” reflects this symbol.

The cross is a Greek cross, with all four points being equal length. The Greek cross does not represent the crucifixion of Christ, but instead, the four directions of the earth, representing the spread of the gospel. The only acceptable deviation is on the coat of arms.

The cross & crescent is a central element of Lambda Chi Alpha’s Ritual. Symbolizing everlasting growth, the cross & crescent demonstrates every member’s continual pursuit of Christian values. The Lambda Chi Alpha creed best describes this imagery: “The crescent is our symbol – pure, high, ever growing and the cross is our guide – denoting service, sacrifice, and even suffering and humiliation before the world, bravely endured if need be, in following that ideal.”

The colors of this logo may change to fit your design but should always remain consistent with the colors provided above.  The scale should never appear larger than 10 percent of the entire area where the logo exists.

Download All Colors:

The Badge

The badge is a pearl-set crescent with horns turned toward the left, and enclosing a monogram of the Greek letters Lambda, Chi, and Alpha. The center of the crescent bears the Greek letters Delta Pi in gold on a black enamel. A variety of jewels may be selected for the Lambda.

Probably no fraternity badge has deeper meaning than that of Lambda Chi Alpha. Not only do the pearls, Greek letters, and crescent have their symbolism, but each line of the crescent and the relationship of the emblems to each other add greater significance. The meaning of the badge, of course, cannot be discussed here. It is an evidence of membership for an individual and should be used only for that purpose except as specifically authorized in the laws of the Fraternity. For example, the badge can be presented in the medium or miniature size, to one’s mother, wife, sister, or fiancé.

Associate Member Pin

The associate member pin has a most interesting history because it embodies the official badge of Theta Kappa Nu, as well as the original pin of Lambda Chi Alpha. The original Lambda Chi Alpha pin was a Gothic arch. With the union of the two fraternities, this was superimposed upon the triangles composing the official badge of Theta Kappa Nu. Thus, all meaning of that fraternity’s symbolism was added to the Lambda Chi Alpha emblem.

Friendship Pin

  • The Friendship Pin as we know it today is intended to be used for several purposes. It can be used to recognize a relationship that has not yet reached the level of engagement or marriage, during informal occasions where the badge may not be suitable, by members who prefer its design, or as a substitute by brothers who have yet to purchase an official badge. It can be worn on a suit jacket, sport coat, or used as a tie tack. The pin can also be worn by wives, fiancés, mothers, and sisters.

  • Web / Print

Greek Letters

The Greek letters Lambda, Chi, and Alpha represent the name of the Fraternity. In LCA written work, it is preferred to either spell out Lambda Chi Alpha or use the English abbreviation LCA. Greek letters are a graphical representation used primarily on logos, letterhead, and T-shirts. Unless otherwise noted, letters contain serifs on line ends only, thus not on top of the Lambda or Alpha. The Greek letters are one color. Outlined Greek letters are acceptable in a one-color print (meaning the inside is white).

Coat of Arms

Coats of arms were originally family emblems, until cities, societies, and institutions adopted them. All college fraternities have them, but few institutions created their design with such faithful adherence to the laws of the ancient art of heraldry as Lambda Chi Alpha has.

Each part of the Lambda Chi Alpha coat of arms has a special meaning, the details of which are explained during the Initiation Ritual. Many of the public meanings of the symbols on the coat of arms are explained during the Associate Member Ceremony, and therefore, the coat of arms may be used and worn by all members, including associate members. It may be used on jewelry and stationery, among other items.

Additional Resources

Powerpoint Template


Social Media Graphics

In an effort to enhance brand unity, these Photoshop templates have been created to provide easy customization using the resources above. Use these graphics as you see fit to post about and promote your chapter/colony. 

Social Media Profile Images

These graphics have been created and customized for each open chapter and colony within Lambda Chi Alpha. The purpose of these graphics is to allow for brand unity and create a recognizable identity across all social media platforms. Follow the download link to access the logos created for your chapter/colony.