Event Planning

Event Planning

While event planning includes completing and submitting event planning forms to the Office of Administration, its main purpose is as a harm reduction tactic. By engaging in the event planning process, a chapter identifies potential risks for harm that arise when a chapter is organizing an event. The event planning process forces the undergraduate brothers to allow for proper alcohol monitoring, alcohol distribution, crowd control, transportation, and establishing contractual relationships with third party vendors.

Submitting the event planning form and supporting materials to the Office of Administration 30 days prior to the event allows for further review of the event by the International Headquarters staff. The professional staff can then identify any additional areas that could be potentially harmful to brothers or guests.

Electronic Form Submission Process

Event Planning Forms are available to all chapter officers in the “Forms” section of the Officer Portal. Once a planning form is filled out and submitted, it is sent electronically to the chapter’s High Alpha for approval. If the High Alpha approves, the planning form is then automatically sent to the chapter’s High Pi for approval. Once the High Pi approves the planning form, it is automatically sent to the Office of Administration for review. The High Alpha and High Pi both have the ability to “Reject” a planning form (if it is lacking all necessary information or involves any policy violations). At that point, the planning form is sent back to the officer that originally submitted it, for his revisions. When an Event Planning Form is received by the Office of Administration, it is reviewed by Fraternity staff members. The planning form is marked as “Complete” if all necessary information is included. The form will be “Rejected” and sent back to the submitting officer with an explanation note if information is missing from the form or the event violates any Harm Reduction policy.

What is a Lambda Chi Alpha Event?

To attempt to come up with a definition of a Lambda Chi Alpha function or event is almost impossible. You must consider each of the following in asking the question, “Is this a Lambda Chi Alpha event?”

  • Knowledge — Did leaders of the chapter or chapter brothers have knowledge that the event is going to happen?
  • Support — Did leaders of the chapter or chapter brothers participate in any way?
  • Funding — Did the chapter or a considerable number of brothers finance the event?
  • Location — Did the event take place at a chapter house or a location that could be associated with the Fraternity?

Renting Facilities and Equipment

Often a chapter event will call for leasing, renting, or borrowing a facility or equipment. A brother of the chapter should inspect the facility/equipment. If the inspection reveals anything that can be considered hazardous to spectators, guests, members, or other participants, it should be identified and corrected by the owner or identified in the contract.


Some examples of exposures to loss due to unsafe facilities and/or equipment:

  • Fires
  • Diving Boards at pools
  • Bleachers
  • Sidewalks
  • Ice
  • Carnival Rides

Remember to always have chapter legal counsel (if possible) review each contract associated with a chapter event before it is signed by the chapter. The Chapter Services team is available to review and assist in any contractual agreements.

A Facilities Agreement can be found in the High Iota Version of the Event Planning Guide. Each time the chapter must use a facility that will be leased, rented, or borrowed, this agreement should be signed.

Requesting Certificates of Insurance

If your chapter is in need of a copy of a Certificate of Insurance, please make your request by calling Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity at 317.872.8000 or by emailing harmreduction@lambdachi.org. In the request, please include:

  • The name, physical address, email address, phone number, and organization name of the person requesting the certificate.
  • All supporting documents that indicate the reason why the certificate is being requested.
  • All contact information for a third-party organization, in the case that a third party is requesting a copy of the Certificate of Insurance.

More information on Certificates of Insurance.
In the case that you need an official Certificate of Insurance please review the following for instructions: Requesting Certificates of Insurance.

Adding Additional Insureds

Any requests to add third parties, such as universities and colleges, landlords, or special event sponsors to the Lambda Chi Alpha group liability insurance policy as Additional Named Insureds, must be made in writing and be accompanied with appropriate documentation. These requests take approximately two weeks to process, so please plan requests accordingly. Requests can be sent to harmreduction@lambdachi.org

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