Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity secures liability insurance for undergraduate brothers, house corporations, alumni advisers, and all members of the board of directors.

Risk Management Assessment

Each semester, every chapter and colony of Lambda Chi Alpha receives a risk management assessment. The risk management assessment is determined by the chapter’s status on a series of factors. Those factors are explained in greater detail here: risk management assessment factors
. The risk management assessment is to be paid to the General Fraternity by October 15 for the fall academic term and by February 15 for the spring academic term.

For a copy of your chapters risk management assessment, please contact the Associate Director of Harm Reduction Christopher Cole.
Requesting Certificates of Insurance

If your chapter is in need of a copy of a Certificate of Insurance, please make your request by calling Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity at 317.872.8000 or by emailing In the request, please include:

The name, physical address, email address, phone number, and organization name of the person requesting the certificate.
All supporting documents that indicate the reason why the certificate is being requested.
All contact information for a third-party organization, in the case that a third party is requesting a copy of the Certificate of Insurance.

More information on Certificates of Insurance.

In the case that you need an official Certificate of Insurance please review the following for instructions: Requesting Certificates of Insurance.

Adding Additional Insureds

Any requests to add third parties, such as universities and colleges, landlords, or special event sponsors to the Lambda Chi Alpha group liability insurance policy as Additional Named Insureds, must be made in writing and be accompanied with appropriate documentation. These requests take approximately two weeks to process, so please plan requests accordingly.

The insurance company requires $250 in additional premium to add a third party as a named insured under the policy. The following are provisions of being an Additional Named Insured:

Who is an insured (SECTION II) is amended to include as an additional insured the person(s) or organization(s) shown in the schedule above, but only with respect to any bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury arising solely out of an occurrence or offense by an insured.
The insurance does not apply on any basis to bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury arising out of an occurrence or offense by the additional insured.
This insurance is excess over any other insurance, including any self-insured retention or deductible portion thereof, whether primary, excess, contingent, or any other basis, available to the additional insured unless the first named insured has agreed in a written agreement for this insurance to apply otherwise.

Reporting an Insurance Claim

General Claims Duties

Property Losses

Water Damage

What to Expect

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