Risk Management Assessment

Risk Management Assessment



Seventy-five percent of active Lambda Chi Alpha chapters have a house. Of the seventy-five percent, chapters either have a rental house, a university owned property, or a Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation owned facility. Fraternity houses commonly are used to conduct Lambda Chi Alpha sponsored events, host social events, and serve as the residence for undergraduate brothers. Having a house increases the risk for potential harm occurring to brothers, guests, or property.

The Housing component will be assessed by looking at two factors:

House Type (No housing, House Corporation Owned, University Owned, Rental)
James R. Favor & Company Life Safety/Loss Control Property Inspection

This factor will be assessed in two ways:

Inspection evaluation – Each inspection results in a ranking of either Good, Needs Improvement, or Poor.

Inspection response – Each inspection results in “requirements for change.” Following the inspection, each chapter is instructed to send a response indicating that they are aware of the “requirements for change” and providing details of how they intend to attend to the “requirements for change.” There may also be “no requirements” for change as a recommendation.

Claims & Incident History

One goal of the proposed changes to the risk management assessment model is to reward the good actors and to penalize the bad actors. The past risk management assessment model did not successfully incorporate chapter incidents, unless they resulted in an insurance claim.

The Claims & Incident History will be assessed by looking at two factors:

Claims and Incident Frequency (# of claims & incidents occurring over a period of time)
Claims and Incident Severity (What has the cost been of these occurrences?)
Chapter Operating Standards
Chapters are required to meet the minimum operating standards outlined in Article IV, Section 3 of the Constitution and Statutory Code.

The Chapter Operating Standards will be assessed through an aggregate of the following factors:

Membership Size
High Pi
Financial Management
Conference Attendance

Harm Reduction Report

Replacing the Premium Credit Application is the Harm Reduction Report. Previously, the Premium Credit Application was submitted online and did not demonstrate to the greatest potential a chapter’s ability to reduce the risk for harm. This report goes beyond the education and awareness component, to demonstrate the chapter’s action on crisis management, life and house safety, fire safety, self conducted inspections, the event planning process, and the overall education and awareness program. This report is due on December 1 and May 1. Details of the report will be cross checked by the Educational Leadership Consultant and other compliance based factors (i.e. Submission of Event Planning Forms to the General Fraternity).

In the semester based, Harm Reduction report, chapters will report on the following:

Event Planning Process
Fire Safety Program
House Inspection and House Safety Program
Crisis Management Plan
Harm Reduction Education Program
Other efforts

For more information on the harm reduction report click here

Calculation Breakdown

Click here to download an explanation of how the risk management assessment is calculated

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