SLS 2015: Day 2

Stead Leadership Seminar 2015: Day Two Recap

AMES, Iowa — The second day of Lambda Chi Alpha’s Stead Leadership Seminar started Friday morning with an exemplification of the fraternity’s initiation ritual performed by the brothers of the International Ritual Team.

W6M_2560Composed of brothers from across North America, IRT held practices for almost fifteen hours on Wednesday and Thursday, along with several conference call rehearsals over the summer in preparation for Stead.

Seminar attendees had a chance to witness the Ritual, where associate member Maxwell Denny of the University of Oklahoma was initiated into the bond of Lambda Chi Alpha. Denny was welcomed into Lambda Chi Alpha by five hundred alumni and undergraduate brothers in attendance.


Members of IRT pose after their Ritual performance.

After Ritual, brothers and guests gathered in Hilton Coliseum for Friday’s awards banquet where brothers were recognized for their achievement at the chapter level.

The Feeding America award, given to three chapters that have shown excellence in philanthropy, was presented by Joe Citro, special advisor to the chief executive officer. “In the first year of the partnership, members of 142 chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha across the continent raised nearly 2.3 million pounds of food for their communities, resulting in almost two million meals for families in need,” announced Citro.


The Feeding America Award was given to three chapters for their outstanding philanthropy efforts.

The first award went to the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, where brothers raised a total of 134, 829 pounds of food through a Teeter Totter-athon, bag pick ups and drop offs and a Watermelon Bust philanthropy event.

The second was given to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where brothers distributed around 12,000 bags around their community and partnered with various organizations, including the sheriff’s department. Brothers at WPI raised 192, 000 pounds of food the past year.

The final award was given to the University of New Orleans, where chapter members hosted a week-long Watermelon-themed event and raised 228, 500 pounds of food for Feeding America. But Lambda Chi Alpha is not done yet, Citro challenged the entire membership to raise 4 millions pounds of food in the next academic year.

Nick Zuniga, director of chapter services, presented the Greek Advisor of the Year award to Bob Kerr of Oregon State University. “Under Bob’s leadership, the Greek system at Oregon State University has regularly seen chapters take national distinctions for chapter excellence and improvements, as well as, produce men and women for the respective national organization,” Zuniga remarked. Kerr worked closely with OSU’s chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha after an incident resulted in the death of a student, leading Oregon State’s chapter to win the 2010 Phoenix Award and the 2014 Grand High Alpha Award for Excellence.


Duke Flad recipient Linwood White poses with Director of Chapter Services Nick Zuniga.

The final award of the night, the Duke Flad Award, was given to Linwood White of North Carolina State University. Along with showing excellence in academics, White led his chapter as High Alpha, High Kappa and Chairman of the Executive Committee to help his chapter secure the largest new member class of all twenty-two fraternities on campus, double the chapter’s size and help them win Fraternity of the Year. White was the forty-fifth recipient of the Duke Flad award.

Following the luncheon, attendees took part in two other educational sessions, taught by members of Lambda Chi Alpha’s staff and Stead Leadership Seminar facilitators. Ross Morgan, a Chapter Services intern, attended a session studying the biological red flags of hazing. Brothers were instructed to put their hands in ice water for three minutes and compared saliva samples to show the way the body reacted. “In the long run it’s going to be able to help us find out why people haze and how to stop it,” Morgan said. “Not only within Lambda Chi but in campuses completely.”


ELC David Schieler takes time to get to know undegraduates attending Stead Leadership Seminar 2015.

Friday night’s picnic dinner in Harvester Courtyard was followed by a Town Hall Q & A about Lambda Chi Alpha’s initiation, where attendees were able to ask headquarters staff Matt Roy and Lynn Chipperfield questions about the interpretation, origins and meaning of the fraternity’s ritual.

The second day of Stead Leadership Seminar came to a close with another opportunity for brothers to mingle with other chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha and meet their Education Leadership Consultants. Brothers enjoyed meeting members of other chapters but most turned in early in preparation for an even more exciting day ahead.

To follow the action of Stead 2015, follow Lambda Chi Alpha across all social media platforms and search the hashtag #Stead2015.


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