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As Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha, it is common to reminisce on the experiences and individuals who helped shape who you are today. The goals of the campaign are geared toward enhancing the undergraduate experience by investing more in the great things our Brothers due across the country and around the world. Throughout the campaign, we will continually provide a look into what our current leaders are doing to pave the road for the Future Leaders of tomorrow, and how investing in Lambda Chi Alpha can make a valuable impact.

PeterPeter Yobo (Southern California 2012) was born in New Jersey, grew up in Ghana, and, after high school, moved to California to attend college.

He initially enrolled at San Jose State University before transferring to the University of Southern California.

Before he transferred, and during a summer internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers, he met Zeta-Delta brother Dave Farsai.

The two men struck up a friendship and Yobo asked Farsai for advice about attending USC.

“He overwhelmed me,” says Yobo. I was surprised by his response. He sent me so much information that I didn’t even have to follow up or ask more questions. He answered everything. For him to go beyond what he could have to answer my questions and to make sure I was actually satisfied…I was like, cool.”

Lambda Chi

When Yobo arrived at the USC campus, he made sure Farsai was one of the first people he contacted. Yobo decided to go through formal recruitment and went to the different fraternities on campus. Most told him about the parties they held, but Yobo wanted more.

“I was more interested in keeping my grades up,” which is how he was accepted into USC. And he knew he had to keep working to pay for school, too.

“I got to Lambda Chi, and Farsi was outside to meet other guys,” he says. “Every person I spoke to in the house…of course they mentioned ‘yes, we have parties’…but that was more or less how they ended.

They started off saying we’re a sports fraternity and we’re also academically-minded here…everything they spoke about was basically what I was looking for in a fraternity.”

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(Article originally  in the May 2011 Issue of the Cross and Crescent)

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