Educational Leadership Consultant

What do ELCs do?

Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity requires a mission-focused, loyal and disciplined traveling staff that is mindful of values-based role modeling for both undergraduate and alumni brothers. Educational Leadership Consultants (ELCs) must be committed to fulfilling the specific duties of and ELC, while following directions in aiding in the larger goals and objectives of the Fraternity. It is essential that the ELC embody what Lambda Chi Alpha is supposed to stand for as well as invest the required time, passion, and energy not only in the development of chapters and colonies, but also the individual brothers whom the ELC serves.


Becoming an ELC for Lambda Chi Alpha provides you with an opportunity to play a role in developing undergraduates during the most important times of their lives. ELC’s have the chance to represent the General Fraternity to the undergraduates and provide them with insight that will help develop them into a better-rounded student and gentlemen.

It is ultimately an opportunity to change lives within Lambda Chi Alpha

Professional Development

Being an Educational Leadership Consultant for Lambda Chi Alpha can provide you with opportunities and situations that will that will develop you into a better professional. Following are just some of the skills our ELC’s utilize on a daily basis:

  1. Problem-Solving
  2. Facilitation
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Event Planning
  5. Travel Skills


  1. Competitive base salary
  2. Health
  3. 401(k)
  4. Vacation
  5. Networking
  6. Dirghalli Former Staff Scholarship for Continued Education
  7. Travel Expenses paid for 8 months out of the year
  8. Traveling the country


I never thought that the experience of being an ELC would benefit me in so many ways in my career. The challenge of walking into a new place every three days gave me so much confidence in handling changes and challenges, something my job as a Wall Street lawyer requires me to do every day. That job gave a shy and introverted boy from the sticks of South Georgia the skills that have helped me be successful in the big city. I postponed law school to be an ELC and have never regretted doing that.”

– Fletcher McElreath

Alston & Bird LLP

2014-2018 Grand High Alpha

“I never thought my time on staff would have offered me so many opportunities that I never would have had.  I’ve explored cool cities like Charleston, Portland, Houston, and Nashville.  I’ve made countless lifelong friends and professional connections.  But even better than those things, I’ve discovered my passion for higher education and completely changed my intended career path.  Being a consultant has been such an exciting experience that I will be forever thankful for.”

– Dylan Bateman

ELC 2016-2017

I never thought I would connect with the other consultants so quickly with living and working with them, along with all of the other staff here at headquarters. It is outstanding that I am able to build a network and make those relationships now so that when I am on the road I know I can go to anyone in any department whether it is harm reduction or alumni engagement and know that they will help me out even when I am 500 miles away from headquarters. I also never thought I would get the chance to visit not only chapters but also actually visit in the new locations I will be visiting. Whether it is historical sites or trying out new food places that I have seen on the food network. I never thought I would have opportunities to meet and help undergraduate members but also meet local alumni. Whether it is High Pi’s or AAB/ACB members whenever I wear my letters outside I can immediately connect with a whole new group of brothers that I have never met before.

– Jimmy Phillips

1st Year ELC


What you need to become an ELC


a. A Bachelor’s degree
b. Have a high regard for the collaborative efforts of a team, with spirit of support for its leader and members
c. Be a proven team leader
d. The ability to inspire others, organize, set priorities, meet deadlines, and manage multiple projects consistently
e. Possess strong written and verbal communication, effective presentation, and strong problem-solving skills
f. Show appropriate independence, aptitude, and abilities to successfully travel throughout North America during an academic year (must have valid driver’s license and auto insurance).
g. You must have a passion for Lambda Chi Alpha


How do we prepare you to become an ELC?

Consultant Development Program

a. During the first 3 months the job there is a mandatory consultant development program (CDP) that each ELC is expected to participate fully in.
b. The CDP is focused on practical application of the information that is presented during training
c. There are multiple opportunities for the Field Staff/ELC’s to practice the skills they learn in a real-world setting through mock interviews, meetings, and many more.
d. An Example of some of the topics covered during CDP are:
i. Visitation/Expansion
ii. Recruitment

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