Choptalk 034 Recap – Personal Courage

This week on the Choptalk podcast, we are discussing courage with former Educational Leadership Consultant, Chris Buck. We cover the difference between Courage and Personal Courage, ways that plays out in our own lives and how it applies to the chapter level.

Along with his term as an ELC, Buck oversaw the Expansion and Growth initiatives for IHQ. Using his passion for Fraternity and Sorority life, he continued by focusing on the technical side for a third party. He is now working for Phired Up and TechniPhi specifically focusing on Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment.

Courage is typically reserved for people who die in the line of duty or sacrifice everything for someone they don’t know. While those acts are noble, Buck is making the point that Personal Courage is based solely on the individual. He quotes, “Courage is the act of doing or saying what you believe out loud.”

On the chapter level, Buck explains that courage ranges from speaking up when a party gets out of hand to making the decision to remove members due to their grades. The more extreme cases dealing with life and death are discussed and the low-level courage of talking about expectations for new members upon initiation. It doesn’t mean that these courage conversations are bad, sometimes it’s an act of encouragement for members to reach out to others during the time of recruitment.

Mike Covert, cohost, explains that it took courage to accept the role of an Educational Leadership Consultant because it made him step outside of his comfort zone. Buck finds his courageous side in asking others to give him feedback regarding his work. For some, courage means sitting alone in a room and discovering what areas need improvement. Whatever the avenue, personal courage boils down to creating a positive change from a negative action. Listen to the conversation:

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in our ChopTalk podcasts are those of the individual participants only and do not necessarily express the views of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity or its chapters or members. Our ChopTalk podcasts are intended to be as open and honest with our members as possible, but we acknowledge that certain topics may be sensitive, graphic or emotionally challenging. Please use your own discretion to avoid any material that you may find potentially painful or difficult.

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