Vision and Mission

At Lambda Chi Alpha, our mission is simple. We inspire and equip men to lead an ethical life of growth, service and leadership. Lambda Chi Alpha envisions a world where the ideal man pursues a life of respect and inclusion for all. A world where we support and encourage one another. And a world where every Brother models and embraces our values: loyalty, duty, respect, service and stewardship, honor, integrity and personal courage. 



Service & Stewardship
Personal Courage

There are more than 170 active Lambda Chi Alpha chapters, each challenging and empowering men to become better versions of themselves in every season of life. Since 1909, our legacy has deepened when each generation equips even more young men to redefine who we are and who we can be for others, generation after generation. Our Fraternity seeks to foster this legacy of leadership through enduring relationships, strong mentorship and intensive instruction on our history, values and code of conduct. 



In 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha’s founders dared to create a fraternity that would uphold timeless traditions, bold principles, and authentic ideals in a manner wholly set apart from other fraternities – a Brotherhood of men who lift each other up and advocate for causes beyond themselves. More than a century later, the standards they set for themselves and their Brothers continue to endure.

College is the start of it all, but the benefits of Lambda Chi Alpha Brotherhood reach new heights when a man finds ways to bring his best self to his family, industry and community at every stage of his life. Our Brotherhood shows men how to be their best selves by teaching them to cherish membership, leadership, diversity, health and service at every stage of life. Through the years, we have and will remain devoted to fostering timeless leadership on and off college campuses and in everything our Brothers do.

Lambda Chi Alpha is also an active member of the North American Interfraternity Conference (or NIC) — a trade association formed in 1910 that represents men’s fraternities on U.S. and Canadian campuses. 

anti-hazing stance

As an active member of the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), Lambda Chi Alpha supports the endeavors of the NIC and the Anti-Hazing Coalition in their work to champion legislation and increase education as it relates to eradicating hazing in the fraternity experience and elsewhere. We have committed to supporting the Timothy J. Piazza Center for Fraternity and Sorority Research and Reform with a gift of $100,000.

The mission of Lambda Chi Alpha is to inspire and equip men to lead an ethical life of growth, service, and leadership. This gift acts as an exemplification of our legacy combating hazing in the fraternity experience and commitment to enhancing the co-curricular experience fraternities provide. In conjunction with our work with other strategic partners, we are confident our relationship with the Piazza Center will allow us to reinvent fraternities and continue to serve as the premier men’s leadership organization in North America.

We hope this information serves as a resource for connections for students, parents/caregivers, Advisors, Alumni, campus partners, and other stakeholders. The following resources are a great place to start as you learn more about ways to educate yourself and others on the work being done to address hazing:

North American Interfraternity Conference & Anti-Hazing Coalition Address Hazing

With almost half of high school students exposed to hazing and 55% of college students involved in clubs, athletics, and organizations experiencing hazing, it is on all of us to educate all students on the danger. Hazing and hazing deaths have been documented since long before the United States was founded with one of the first documented U.S. deaths in 1737.

The sheer scale and longevity of this societal problem clearly demonstrates that having anti-hazing policies, advisors, reporting hotlines, and education on its dangers are important to move the needle but are not enough. To impact this issue, we must recognize this is misconduct of individual students. Individuals who haze must feel impactful penalties. To further address the issue, the Anti-Hazing Coalition was formed in 2018 as a collaboration of the North American Interfraternity Conference the National Panhellenic Conference, and parents whose children were tragically killed by acts of hazing. The Coalition now includes nine additional interfraternal associations, hazing experts, and higher education partners. Through the Coalition, fraternities and sororities are educating and advocating at both state and federal levels for tougher anti-hazing laws.

The Anti-Hazing Coalition championed federal legislation to increase transparency around collegiate hazing incidents. The Report and Educate About Campus Hazing (REACH) Act and End All Hazing Acts would require colleges and universities to annually publish hazing incidents on their websites for all student organizations and teams, just as they do for other critical safety information required under the Clery Act.


The Coalition is also committed to education around hazing. Their parents’ programs in the last three years have provided education to over 130,000 college students on more than 100 campuses and virtually. It is critical to building a culture that empowers students with “if you see something, say something.”