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Lambda Chi Alpha is committed to growing its brotherhood and enhancing the co-curricular environment through expansion. We are consistently looking to introduce and reintroduce the fraternity to colleges and universities across North America. We consider several factors to determine if a college campus is a good fit and detail some of these factors below.

For more information about new chapters, please contact our Expansion Team at expansion@lambdachi.org.

Where We Expand

Campus Support

We value ourselves on building strong co-curricular partnerships with our campus colleagues

Alumni Support

We require alumni members to volunteer to assist the new colony as it establishes operations and is integrated into the community

Student Interest

We require an interested and receptive student body.

Support for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We require a community that shows a history of inclusiveness and acceptance of people of all backgrounds and differences.

Potential for Success

We seek to establish strong colonies that operate independently, strive to meet our code of ethics and standards for chartering within our required timeframe.

Recent Expansion

We also require research that examines how successfully other organizations were able to integrate into the proposed campus community.

Start a Chapter

Is your Campus a Good Fit?

Lambda Chi Alpha is always looking for expansion opportunities and young leaders interested in establishing or re-establishing a chapter on their campus.

Begin your Lambda Chi Alpha journey today.

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