Your Son’s Home Away From Home


Now that your son is in college, he will never have a finer opportunity to learn, to grow and to become the best version of himself than he will have as an undergraduate. That’s where Lambda Chi Alpha comes in.

We’ve helped college men pursue ethical lives of growth, service and leadership since 1909. Forget stereotypes and the cultural perceptions of college fraternities. This is our house, and we do things differently. Lambda Chi Alpha brings timeless ideals to a modern legacy—one of loyalty, courage and focus. We are committed to creating a powerful cycle of authentic men-who want to serve, lead and make a positive impact on themselves and society. We’ll provide academic programming and structured study schedules, and help your son balance academic and social life.

Just as importantly, we’ll treat your son like family. Because he will be family. He’ll be our brother. 

Hazing Is A Thing Of The Past.

We were the first fraternity to abolish pledgeship in 1972 and have denounced hazing in all forms. From day one, your son will fully experience Lambda Chi Alpha membership and will enjoy every aspect of brotherhood as an Associate Member. He’ll be educated on our history and values and learn what it means to lead with loyalty and purpose.

Joining a fraternity can change your son’s college experience. Joining Lambda Chi Alpha will change his life.

A Lifetime Of Brotherhood Awaits

Your son will learn that when he leaves college, Lambda Chi Alpha never leaves him. Not when he leads a company, raises a family, or serves the community. Because Lambda Chi Alpha is one of North America’s largest fraternities, the contacts he enjoys in the professional world will prove invaluable. We fulfill a lifelong obligation to our members through networking opportunities, support and engagement.

A Bold Way to a Better World

Lambda Chi Alpha is an international fraternity of men who serve, lead and make a positive impact on themselves and society through intentional and meaningful experiences. Thousands of young men have taken this path before your son. We call this journey a bold way to a better world.

We have provided Frequently Asked Questions below. If we can provide additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lambda Chi Alpha Financials

Looking for more information on how Lambda Chi’s revenue is generated? Need to learn about how expenses are allocated at the General Fraternity? Or how your local chapter spends your dues? Click the link below to learn more.

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How can Lambda Chi Alpha prepare my son for his career?

The entire collegiate experience is designed to enhance the professional skills of our members by creating a powerful cycle of men for their families, their industries and their communities. Additionally, Lambda Chi Alpha has joined the Talent Exchange Powered by Eightfold.ai®, a marketplace connecting people with potential employers. We also have a network of 220,000 living alumni across the world.

Parents and Families

What are the membership obligations of Lambda Chi Alpha?

Members must maintain a 2.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale), meet the financial obligations as determined by the chapter, and abide by all of the laws of the Fraternity. Each chapter creates additional expectations regarding participation and personal conduct. 

Parents and Families

How much does the fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha cost?

The local fraternity chapter requires dues that are set by our student members and collected by the Office of Administration. Each chapter may charge additional dues to cover local expenses such as events and apparel.

Parents and Families
Chapter Support Funds

What financial assistance or scholarships are available?

The Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation provides assistance through scholarships to attend all of our leadership conferences, along with special funds such as the Anchor Fund, which benefits brothers in financial distress. Many chapters have local scholarship funds that their alumni have created to support the needs of their local chapter.

Parents and Families

What is an Associate Member?

An Associate Member is a new member; Lambda Chi Alpha does not have pledges. An Associate member has the same rights and privileges as an initiated member, except for knowledge of the initiation ritual.

Parents and Families