Fraternity Policies

The Constitution and Statutory Code are in place to provide a framework for our organization. Each chapter and colony are encouraged to reference this document as necessary to guide operations and effective decision making. Click here to view the current edition of the Constitution and Statutory Code.

The following policies originated and were adopted as an action by the Lambda Chi Alpha General Assembly. Resolutions are regularly adopted at General Assemblies to set forth matters of Fraternity policy that are not covered by the Constitution or the Statutory Code. These Resolutions can be either Mandatory or non-Mandatory. Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution provides that Mandatory Resolutions are the Law of the Fraternity and carry equal weight with the Constitution and the Statutory Code. Undergraduates, making up two-thirds of the General Assembly, sponsored and made these policies the law of the Fraternity. Today, undergraduate and alumni brothers use these policies as guidelines for appropriate and responsible behavior.

Campus Policies

Each campus, whether set by the college or university, or the governing Greek body (IFC, Greek Council), has a series of policies that apply to Lambda Chi Alpha. Each brother and each chapter has a duty to comply with those policies, FIPG policies, and Lambda Chi Alpha policies.

Obligations of Membership

Each Member of Lambda Chi Alpha (initiated, non-initiated and alumnus) agrees to comply at all times with all Laws of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, including without limitation the Constitution, the Statutory Code, Policy Resolutions, and Orders of the Grand High Zeta.