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become the man you are meant to be

You may never have a better opportunity to learn and grow than your college years. The decisions you make as an undergraduate will affect the trajectory of the rest of your life. One of the most important decisions you may ever make is whether or not to join a fraternity


Joining a fraternity can make a university seem smaller and less intimidating. It will have a profound impact on your college experience, and it’s likely to make a difference in your life long after you leave campus. 

Making Friends. Forging Bonds.

You’re going to make friends in college. But there’s a difference between making friends and building lifelong bonds of brotherhood. Being in a fraternity can mean an enhanced social life with plenty of fun activities, lots of laughs, and good times with your brothers. But being in a fraternity means so much more. 

A Well-Rounded College Experience

You came to college to learn, grow and earn a degree. Lambda Chi Alpha offers academic programming, structured study schedules, and can be instrumental in helping you balance academic and social life. 

Connecting With Different Types of People

It’s enriching to create lifelong friendships with like minded people as well as with people from different walks of life. The closeness of the relationships that comes from Greek Life can foster a greater connection. 

Accountability for One Another

A fraternity often provides accountability and a stable environment. Brothers look out for each other, encourage one another and hold one another to certain standards of conduct and achievement. 

Focus on Leadership, Growth and Selfless Service

You will have more opportunities to put your energy into philanthropies and community services, volunteer for worthwhile causes and devote your time to giving back, all in the company of your college friends. 


You only get one chance to write your story, and the way you write your college story will have a tremendous impact on the rest of your life. It’s up to you, now, to write a story of personal courage, honor, and leadership. 

Defined by Leadership

Lambda Chi Alpha is a Brotherhood defined by leadership. We led when we denounced hazing in all forms. We led when we abolished pledgeship. We continue to lead men to live a lifetime of leadership on and off campus, and in everything they do. 

Each day we strive to embody core values that don’t just benefit the individual, but the community. Values like loyalty, duty, respect, service and stewardship, honor, integrity, and personal courage.

Start Your Story

Join Lambda Chi Alpha, and we will join you in a lifelong pursuit of ideals, respect and inclusion. College is the beginning, but the benefits of Lambda Chi Alpha Brotherhood reach new heights when you bring your best self to your family, your profession and your community. 

Lambda Chi Alpha is here for you today, and we’ll be there for you tomorrow. To amplify all that you are and all you can be. To help you write your story so that every page is exciting and interesting. To build the best possible world by building the best possible you. 

Because Lambda Chi Alpha is more than a fraternity. 

It’s a bold way to a better world.


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