Good Food Can Change the World

Since 1988, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos has served countless surfers, skaters and everyone in between with their unique spin on the classic taco featuring Chinese-Brazilian flavors. The company, while starting from humble beginnings in Costa Mesa, Calif., has played host to some of the greatest surfers in the world. At the center of this culinary revolution […]

Black History Month Spotlight: Marc Nichols

Ambitious, hardworking and passionate, Lambda Chi Alpha alumnus Marc Nichols maintains an impressive legal resume. He’s served as the U.S. and Canadian general counsel at the Sweden-based aerospace and defense company, Saab, and a senior attorney for Rolls-Royce.  As of last month, Nichols added one more prestigious title to his resume: chief counsel of the […]

Lambda Chi Alpha Partners with American Red Cross-Indiana Region

Imagine if people had what they needed, where they needed it, when they needed it to alleviate their suffering. That’s what the Red Cross does 24/7/365 by delivering safe blood, preparing for and responding to disasters, connecting military families in times of crisis, preparing everyday citizens for emergencies, and reconnecting separated families.  Lambda Chi Alpha […]

Pops & Chops: A Legacy of Kindness

At age 67, Richard Wood became a member of Lambda Chi Alpha.  Enjoying lunch in San Diego on the day of his initiation, familiar faces began to enter the restaurant to surprise and congratulate Wood. Surrounding him were the friends and Brothers of the Phi-Sigma Zeta chapter of his late son, Spencer, who died from […]