From The Editor



From the Editor

KyleJonesWelcome to the first published issue of the Cross & Crescent for 2016.

As previously announced we here at the C&C have made the decision to put out the magazine on a quarterly basis. With this success and convenience of our new website www.cc.lambdachi.org, we’re able to cover and promote stories and content in a much faster and time sensitive manner.

Though, understanding that a majority of our audience still prefer this traditional format, we have sourced content from the website over the past three months and have within these pages provided exclusive content in this “print” edition.

Up first, with the 56th General Assembly on its way, we have put together an inforgraphic with the most pertinent information available to get you and your chapter ready to attend our storied summer conference.

We also feature highlights from our recent LCA March Madness competition, in which chapters from across North America have submitted photos and video demonstrating their commitment to raising awareness and fighting hunger insecurity issues.

This spring we also welcome new faces to IHQ staff and recognize those who will be serving in a new role of our undergraduate and alumni members.

Contributor Mike Raymond (Miami-OH) brings us a feature on the little known leaders of Lambda Chi Alpha, we take a look at Lambda Chi Alpha’s other Founders Day and Dr. Robert Miller of West Virginia University reflects on his “lifetime of true brotherhood.”

As always Chapter News rounds out the issue along with, by request, the Omega listings per chapter from the first three months of 2016.

We’d like to thank you all for your patience as we continue our transition here at the C&C, and please join us online at www.cc.lambdachi.org to find additional daily content, as well as our YouTube page, where you can watch our latest feature, “Unconventional Wisdom” as we take a look at two young undergraduate leaders as they take part in America’s longest running homecoming tradition.

Thank you and enjoy.


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Kyle Jones

Editor, Cross & Crescent Magazine

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