From the Editor



Welcome to our third entry of our quarterly Cross & Crescent for 2016.

I am temporarily taking over as editor of the Cross & Crescent as former editor Kyle Jones (Montevallo) has left our International Headquarters’ staff and begun the next chapter of his life and career in Birmingham, Ala. We are very grateful for the two years Kyle spent with us in Indianapolis and know that the excellent work he did will have a lasting impact on our brotherhood. As you will read, Kyle may not be the editor but he’s generated some great content for this issue.

We are still searching for Kyle’s replacement. If you know of any recent graduates who have a journalism background and would like to work in a fun and creative environment, please tell them to email their resume to me at tlichtenauer@lambdachi.org.

In this issue, we profile alumni member Mike Mussallem (Rose-Hulman), the CEO and chairman of Edward Lifesciences. We also highlight three alumni members who have authored books: Chris Wilson from Theta-Sigma at Drury University, Oscar Mendoza from Sigma-Beat at St. Mary’s Univeristy, and Trace Conger from Alpha-Omega at Ohio University. Alumni brother Bob Heske from our Alpha-Omicron chapter at Indiana University talks about making his first film at 50. Finally, the Educational Foundation shows us how much donations impacted our summer conference, Cody Kessler (Southern California 2016) becomes the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, and Board Member David Huffine (North Carolina-Greensboro) presents a Lambda Chi pin to the Truman’s Little White House in Key West, Fla.

Please remember to check cc.lambdachi.org for additional updates about what’s going on in Lambda Chi Alpha and with our chapters and members. We hope our undergraduate members have a productive and safe finish to the fall semester and we will play to publish our final Cross & Crescent for 2016 in early December.

In ZAX and friendship,

Tad Lichtenauer
Managing Editor, Cross & Crescent Magazine

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