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A Fresh Start: Inside the Appalachian State University Expansion

The campus of Appalachian State University (App State) can only be described as picturesque. Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, students of the university have the opportunity to make their college experience as diverse as the student population and landscape. Whether that calling comes from the ski club or hiking through the mountains, Boone, North Carolina has much to offer.

And now, Lambda Chi Alpha has once again joined that mix.

This fall, staff from Lambda Chi Alpha International Headquarters (IHQ) have been working diligently to recolonize at Appalachian State University. Senior Educational Leadership Consultant Nathan Schultz has been leading the efforts and says the campus has been extremely welcoming to the new colony.

“My experience at App State has been phenomenal so far,” said Schultz. “The campus culture is excellent, everyone is very laid back and down to earth; they are also very receptive and will stop at the table to see what we are doing.”

A large part of the success of the young colony so far has been the strong alumni support. No matter where you turn on campus, there is a touch of Lambda Chi. From the football field named after an alumnus to the three members of the board of trustees, there is constant guidance for the colony.

With alumni assistance, Schultz has been able to recruit the quality men Lambda Chi seeks. Through the experience, Schultz fosters the love of service and brotherhood in the men he recruits.

“These guys have no idea what Lambda Chi is supposed to be like, or even what a fraternity looks like,” said Schultz. “With these guys, it’s just planting seeds and allowing them to expand from there.

“It’s brand new to them, it’s unlike any experience they have every had before, so it’s really cool to be able to show them how to do fraternity the right way.”

Many of the founding fathers did not see themselves joining Greek Life at App State, but were intrigued by the idea of building something new.

“Lambda Chi just took the outlook I had on things, and it brought my vision to life,” said Braxton Dill, freshman and founding father. “So, the aspects of focusing on grades, not having pledges, and the connections, it was just a no-brainer for me.”

Now, with founding fathers in place and a solid start, the goal becomes spreading the mission of Lambda Chi Alpha.

“I just want to get our name out there, because we just started this semester…even if people don’t want to join the organization, I just want them to know that we are here,” said Kevin Marshall, founding father.

Schultz and the colony members are eager to continue growing and finding how they fit in on campus. Through Lambda Chi Alpha, these men have found a home.

“Especially with all of the alumni support, these men are looking forward to all of the networking opportunities, and I’m very excited to see how successful this colony will be in the next two-three years,” said Schultz.

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