A New Start: Inside the Colonization Efforts at Northern Arizona University

As with any colonization effort, bringing Lambda Chi Alpha to a campus requires hard work from not only staff, but also the new members themselves. It takes trust and a desire to create a new experience which will be welcoming to all. Through their hard work, the staff and members helping bring Lambda Chi to Northern Arizona University (NAU) are on the right path to success.

For many potential members, the biggest hesitation is whether or not they see themselves in Greek Life or not. Kobe Wixon, now High Kappa for the NAU colony, was one of these people. As a freshman, he said he was unsure of whether joining a fraternity would be the best for his collegiate career and even admits that he had negative views on fraternities. But after talking to Educational Leadership Consultant Trevor Nicholas and Recruitment Specialist Brett Turner, Wixon soon found that creating his own Greek experience was what he had been missing, and he could be a catalyst for change to help change those stereotypes.

Kobe Wixon loves all of the new experiences associated with Lambda Chi Alpha and hopes to continue to help the colony grow.

“I think a huge thing that Lambda Chi will be able to do, especially here, is showing people here who maybe have a negative view on Greek Life that it is so much more than just partying; there are good fraternities and sororities out there,” said Wixon.

As the High Kappa and drawing on his own experience as an education major, Wixon hopes that he is able to change other potential members minds (as well as other individuals on campus) and teach them more about the leadership opportunities the fraternity offers.

“Not only am I joining a community that will last forever, but I’m also going to be able to have a huge part in the leadership, and that’s just something that’s really exciting for me,” said Wixon.

Others from all walks of life began to see the leadership opportunities offered as well. Edgar Sanchez, now serving as the High Delta, explained how he was previously in a different fraternity, but after talking to Nicholas, knew that Lambda Chi Alpha could be more of an asset to him.

“I’m only a few weeks in, but I can already see that they [Lambda Chi Alpha] are different and know what they want to do,” said Sanchez.

It is not uncommon for young men in situations like Wixon or Sanchez to seek something different, something that they will be able to start on their own to help shape personal growth opportunities they wish to see on campus.

“I think Lambda Chi Alpha is a good fit for anywhere,” said Nicholas. “I think the fraternity world needs something like us; in talking with some of the men, they expressed their desire to be part of a fraternity, but one that treats them as equals.

Many members, like Edgar Sanchez, are looking for a different experience than what is currently offered on campus.

“This is perfect with how our Associate Member program goes.”

Throughout the entire colonization process, both Nicholas and Turner have been busy looking for those individuals who have a genuine desire to be part of something bigger than themselves and grow as men. Now, as the end of the semester comes closer, the colony has welcomed over 30 new members. With a range of personalities and interests, Nicholas says he is extremely excited to see how this colony will continue to set itself apart on campus.

From the first moment staff set foot on campus, it was clear that many men were itching to experience something new. Now, Lambda Chi Alpha can be a fresh start for many of these members.

“Some people need a home away from home, and Lambda Chi Alpha can provide that.”

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