Zeta Designations

Warren Cole had originally assigned Zeta designations (or chapter names) in the order of anticipated petitions rather than when chapters were officially chartered and established.

The standard Greek alphabet

His original intention was to designate Zetas by the standard Greek alphabet. In April of 1913 (with seven chapters already designated), Jack Mason developed a post-hoc rationale for the haphazard order, sentences that collectively order the twenty-four Greek letters:

A Good Energetic Zeta Is Lambda’s Boast- Strength From Delta Pi – Our Motto, To Each Through Union; Excellent Character Only, Knowing No Retreating Steps.

The Zeta Song

When the 25th Zeta was established, the same sequence was stipulated for the prefix or “series.” (i.e. Alpha-Alpha)

The order of Lambda Chi Alpha Zetas

When Lambda Chi Alpha merged with Theta Kappa Nu in 1939, each former Theta Kappa Nu chapter were given a Zeta designation beginning with Theta, Kappa, or Nu. At the twenty-one (21) schools where Lambda Chi Alpha already had a chapter, these designations were still assigned but never used. A total of 55 Theta Kappa Nus made for 24 Theta-series, 24 Kappa-series, and 7 Nu-series.

Single-letter Series1909-1915
Alpha Series1915-1918
Gamma Series1919-1926
Epsilon Series1926-1945
Theta, Kappa, & Nu Series
Zeta Series1946-1951
Iota Series1951-1963
Lambda Series1964-1970
Beta Series1970-1972
Sigma Series1972-1976
Phi Series1977-1986
Delta Series1987-2003
Pi Series2004-Present