volunteer opportunities

There are a number of involvement opportunities filled by over 1,100 active volunteers across North America. The Fraternity seeks to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our undergraduate members and requires certification of all volunteers working with or coming into contact with undergraduates. This certification includes passing a comprehensive background check and a review of policies and rules. More information about the certification process can be obtained by contacting the Alumni Engagement Team.

High Pi

The Office of High Pi is an office of great dignity, demanding wisdom and prudence, as well as always being impartial and deliberate in judgment. In this advisory capacity, the High Pi must be sure to be familiar with all facets of a situation before acting, and then being candid yet diplomatic in giving advice. Familiarity with the affairs of this chapter is essential in order to properly advise the members of the chapters. It is important that the High Pi presents a good example by his attendance at meetings and other activities, and by conscientiously following the highest standards of conduct and integrity. He will be judged by the impartiality of your dealings with members of the chapter.

Alumni Advisor

Lambda Chi Alpha alumni advisors are all the men and women that interact with the undergraduate brothers to positively impact their undergraduate experience.  It is important to know that while there are certain advantages to having Lambda Chi Alpha alumni brothers advising the undergraduates, sometimes it is more advantageous for the brothers to have non-affiliated advisors and also female advisors to provide a different perspective and approach to how Lambda Chi Alpha operates on that specific campus. Over the years, it has been noticed that a wide array of mentorship and advising has been helpful for our undergraduate brothers, and the General Fraternity is in a position now where we have identified the need for significant role models for the undergraduate brothers, and will invite those necessary personalities to become involved with advising the undergraduate brothers so long as they are positively impacting the Lambda Chi Alpha experience on campus. With it being said that men and women can participate, Lambda Chi Alpha recognizes that the alumni advisors are in the position to help with chapter operations, provide mentorship and guidance to individual members, support and advise High Zeta officers, or even work to ensure that the physical plant is adequate condition to foster the undergraduate experience.

Advisory Board

The High Pi shall appoint and serve as Chairman of an Advisory Board whose purpose is to advise the local Chapter in sound Chapter management and to provide for continuity of Chapter operations, where such advisory functions are not already provided for within the Chapter’s Alumni Organization. Members of the Advisory Board may consist of non-members or Alumni Brothers in good standing.

House Corporation Officer

The primary focus of the House Corporation Officers is to provide a safe and positive living environment, which will promote the appropriate growth and development within the undergraduate Zeta.  The House Corporations should be striving to ensure that they are treating the undergraduates in a brotherly fashion, but at the same time appropriately managing the operations of the chapter facility.  Dependent on the type of physical plant, the House Corporation Officers working at one chapter may have different responsibilities than the House Corporation Officers at a different chapter.  All in all, the House Corporations are charged to maintain a physical plant that provides the appropriate needs for the undergraduate chapter to be successful.

Volunteer Certification

All volunteers must be certified. This process includes a background check, an acknowledgement of our laws and policies, and a review of any new legislation passed during the previous General Assembly. Certification is mandatory for any volunteer who is working with our chapters as a High Pi, advisor, or alumni control board member. A volunteer’s certification must be renewed after two years. If you have any further questions, please contact our Alumni Engagement Team.