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Ball State brothers help grant wishes for two kids


Ball State brothers help grant wishes for two kids


On Dec. 8, brother Bryan Kubel read a story about a girl in New York who had one wish this holiday season: to receive Christmas cards. The girl, Safyre Terry, lives in Schenectady, New York, and is eight years old. In 2013, Safyre lost her father and three younger siblings due to arson. Because of that incident, she suffered burns to 75 percent of her body. Over the last two years, she lost her right hand and left foot due to infection.

Kubel shared her story to the chapter’s internal Facebook page and asked if any brothers would like to join him in writing cards for her to help grant her Christmas wish.

“The response was overwhelming,” he said.

Later that day, Kubel learned about a local boy who also wanted Christmas cards as his only gift this year. Jack Weaver is an eight year old boy from Indianapolis who suffers from Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, which is a genetic disorder caused by a deletion of material within the fourth chromosome. Because of this disorder, Jack suffers from seizures and other medical issues. Jack also wanted to receive Christmas cards this year because according to his mother, “Christmas is probably the thing in the world that [he] loves the most.”

In order to fufill both Safyre and Jack’s Christmas wishes, Bryan decided to have half of the participating brothers write cards to Safyre, and the other half write to Jack. Brothers like Josh Taylor were glad to help grant Christmas wishes through these cards. “I know many burn victims, so I want to be able to help grant Safyre’s Christmas wish,” he explained.

In all, Iota-Alpha mailed out 34 cards to Safyre and Jack. The cards were written by a mix of active brothers, current and former sweethearts, and even some alumni. “I was really happy to see so many of my brothers want to help out these two kids and grant their Christmas wishes,” Kubel said. “This is what Christmas is all about.” (Via BSU Lambda Chi Alpha)


Would you also like to send a Christmas card to Safyre or Jack? Please mail letters to the address listed below:

Safyre Terry
P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, NY 12306

Cards for Jack
1389 W. 86th St. #151
Indianapolis, IN 46260

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