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Brother of Missouri University of Science and Technology Earns Prestigious Opportunity to Learn and Work in Germany

Brother of Missouri University of Science and Technology Earns Prestigious Opportunity to Learn and Work in Germany

Photo courtesy of Missouri University of Science and Technology

Matthew Dorsey almost missed the biggest opportunity of his life. Following his graduation from Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), the chemical engineering major found himself at a bio tech sales unit, but knew there were still places and experiences yet to be explored.

Courtesy of the Missouri University of Science and Technology

One day, as Dorsey explains, he was scrolling through Facebook and stumbled across a friend who had a curious listing in his biography: the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange. From there Dorsey conducted his own research on the program and  was sold. Dorsey knew that he must do everything in his power to be accepted to the prestigious program.

After an intense interview process that saw Dorsey write six essays followed by a grueling interview process, he became one of only 75 young scholars to be accepted into the program to represent the United States in Germany.

Though Dorsey does not have any particular association with Germany other than studying the language for a short time, he is looking forward to seeing and working firsthand with the renowned STEM programs. Through the exchange program, Dorsey will have the opportunity to collaborate and interact with new people and new ideas, and hopefully begin working full-time in a bio tech setting for six months. Dorsey will be staying with a host family in a small German town and will truly learn what it means to live as the Germans do.

As Dorsey prepares for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he reflects on his time in Lambda Chi Alpha and how it shaped him into the adventurer he is today.

Dorsey says his experience in Lambda Chi challenged him in many new ways and will benefit him for years to come. Photo courtesy of Matthew Dorsey

“If you look at me before and after Lambda Chi, I was super different,” said Dorsey. “I think that’s one of the reasons I was interested in joining a fraternity in the first place; I knew I was kind of a weird kid and needed to learn how to interact with 0people better.”

Dorsey grew up in a house of all women, so when he found himself living with 50 other members, it was quite the culture shock. Dorsey was quick to learn, though, and took on the responsibilities of recruitment chair, which forced him outside of his comfort zone and shaped him into a more confident person.

Now, as he prepares for another growing experience, Dorsey knows he is prepared for anything the program might throw at him. He is looking forward to continuing his career in an international setting and the immersive experience. If all goes as planned, Dorsey will be able to say that he has a long-term stake in the future of German research.

“It will be pretty similar to growing in Lambda Chi,” said Dorsey. “It will shape me in new ways, and I’ll learn even more about myself.”

To learn more about the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange program, click here.

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