Brotherhood in the City of Brotherly Love


Written by Keith Stubblebine

Home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and perhaps most importantly, the Cheesesteak, Philadelphia is home to staples of our culture. Steeped in history, tradition and an atmosphere not found anywhere else; Philadelphia is one of the great metropolitan areas of the world.

Most people know of Philly’s nickname/reputation as the “City of Brotherly Love.” Many don;t know the root of the city’s nickname. William Penn named his city a combination of the Greek words for love (phileo) and brother (adelphos), leading to the endearing nickname, the City of Brotherly Love. While folks born outside of the Philly area may say “brotherly love” sarcastically, those of us blessed with Philly roots, know it to be true. Despite a bit of a hostility to outsiders (especially New York Giants fans), Philadelphians look out for, and take care of each other.

I was blessed to return hom to Philly in November 2023 to visit with three Lambda Chi Alpha Chapters in the Philly area. Much like the city they call home, our Brothers in Philly are living out the “brotherly love” in extraordinary and unique ways. Each with their own sense of individuality and sharing the same brotherly bond, our Philly Chapters are new leaders in proud and historic Chapters.

Epsilon-Kappa Zeta at Drexel University

The Brothers of Epsilon-Kappa Zeta at Drexel University have made a mark on campus and their community. Epsilon-Kappa is hitting it out of the park in academics, philanthropic contributions and more. Each Member of the Chapter boasts an impressive resume, participating in Drexel’s renowned co-op program, our Brothers have gained remarkable work experience in various fields and industries. Leading their campus in membership, aspiring to lead Lambda Chi’s Chapter competition in Movember and more, they are on the precipice of history. Inside of the old stone walls, Brothers aspire to set the bar for fraternity on their campus.

While the Chapter’s house is just a few minutes away from Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, the Chapter has forged its own path through History. Residing in a house built in 1886 by George Burnham, which Epsilon-Kappa purchased in 1966 and commenced occupancy in 1967, the house is a unique part of Chapter history. I encourage everyone to take a trip to the “castle on the corner” knowing that he has left an incredible mark on the culture of Lambda Chi Alpha. Boasting his own impressive mark on Chapter history, High Pi, Mark Stitz, is dually admired and respected by the Undergraduate Brothers. High Alpha, Nick Shurley, wrapped up his term knowing that he left an indelible mark on the future of a historic Chapter.

Phi-Lambda Zeta at Saint Joseph’s University

Not too far down the road, the mend of Phi-Lambda Zeta at Saint Joseph’s University are leading campus in more ways than one. Phi-Lambda holds an unrivaled competitive spirit that has contributed to recruitment, philanthropic and academic success. In April 2023, the men participated in the Jersey Shore Run Club Marathon RunAPalooza, raising $3,400 to go towards planning their first ever White Rose Gala.

The first weekend in November 2023, Phi-Lambda hosted a White Rose Gala fundraiser at Oaks Ballroom. They raised about $6,800 for Movember and Feeding America. In spectacular fashion, the Undergraduate Brothers welcomed friends, family and generations of Alumni Brothers to the event. High Alpha, Andrew Martinez, led his Chapter to new heights on top of Hawk Hill.

Beta-Iota Zeta at Villanova University

A short drive outside of the metro region will take you to Beta-Iota Zeta at Villanova University. The men of Beta-Iota are impressive in a multitude of ways. At the start of the Fall 2023 semester, the Chapter doubled in membership. During the 2023 Founders’ Day Challenge, the Chapter had 100% participation in the Mason’s Circle. The bond of these Brothers is strong and it doesn’t take much time with them to see their passion on display.

High Alpha, Alex Birle, led a new generation of Beta-Iota men in one of their most transformative eras ever. Through an undeniable passion to see his Chapter thrive, he mentored the next generation of Chapter leaders and cemented the Chapter’s future. High Pi, Mike Malter (Widener), holding an impressive Lambda Chi Alpha story in the Philadelphia are, has set up the Brothers at Villanova for an incredible trajectory on campus.

Home to one of our Fraternity’s greatest leaders, Dr. John “Jack” E. Mason, Philadelphia is unique in Lambda Chi Alpha history. In the same streets where Jack Mason walked in his days at the University of Pennsylvania, new horizons are being pursued by our Brothers. The ritual that Mason penned is being lived out in the hearts of the Lambda Chi Alpha men that call Philadelphia home. Our Brotherhood is flourishing in the City of Brotherly Love.