Stead Leadership College Case Study: Deon Estebo


“Going into my future, I have committed to growing my potential while also working to grow those around me whether it be in my academics, career, or personal life.” -Deon Estebo 

As an Associate Member starts their journey in their Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter, many new tasks and experiences befall them. Often joining a fraternity can expose the Member to new opportunities, like supporting local charities or getting involved in campus events. One of the most difficult aspects to manage is serving in an Officer position and listening to the Chapter’s requests and ideas.  

Lambda Chi Academy offers Leadership Ready as a general course for any Member with aspirations to hold a leadership role in their Chapter. Using the Stead Leadership College tab, any Member can complete this track and be equipped to run for Officer positions. Leadership Ready encourages a Member to first take stock of their own skills and flaws and use his Brotherhood to strengthen these traits. Support and mentorship from senior Brothers in tandem with the course allows for the best growth.  

Deon Estebo of Pi-Mu Zeta (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology) reflected on this mentorship as he begins his move to Benton Harbor, Mich. to work for Whirlpool. His new career allows him to work through three different roles at Whirlpool to search for the best fit. Similarly to how an Associate will turn to a Big Brother and senior Brothers, Estebo will have many mentors throughout the rotation to encourage new avenues of thinking. 

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with mentors who have many years of experience and the foresight to help guide me along in my early career,” said Estebo. 

Using this same principle of seeking mentorship is what made Estebo a successful High Sigma (Academic Chair) for Pi-Mu Zeta. Through his leadership, the Chapter membership hit a 3.46 GPA average, higher than the Brothers at Pi-Mu Zeta have seen in a decade. The Chapter also received an award from the South Dakota Board of Regents for their commitment to academic excellence.  

Completion of Leadership Ready sets up the Member to also complete specialized tracks designed for officer positions, namely High Alpha (President), Theta (Philanthropy Chair), Tau (Treasurer), Delta (Recruitment Chair), and Kappa (Fraternity Educator). Upon finishing the track, Members earn a credential which can be showcased on LinkedIn.  

Much of Leadership Ready discusses the legacy left when a Brother graduates college; Estebo left his mark by creating great study habits for his Chapter. Creating something better for the Brotherhood he was graduating from allowed Estebo to make a difference in his Brothers’ study habits. He was also able to become a mentor for younger Members in his Chapter and will soon become a young professional among his peers at Whirlpool. Leadership Ready brought Estebo the tools needed to immerse himself in learning from experience. 

“I have found that when in a group that is focused on continuous improvement of themselves and others, I have grown the most in my moral character and leadership. My Lambda Chi chapter has been one of these places,” Estebo stated. 

To learn about Stead Leadership College and Role Ready courses, go to https://www.lambdachi.org/steadleadershipcollege/