Lambda Chi Academy in Action

Lambda Chi Academy is a fresh, intuitive, and interactive learning platform. It aims to optimize and enhance the learning experience by creating ease for both instructors and Brothers. Read on as we explore what our Members are saying about the program. 

The power of Lambda Chi Academy


Connect and Belong

From Association to Initiation and beyond, Members are provided with a home away from home. Learning is centered on social and experiential activity to maximize the Membership experience.


Learn to Lead

Lambda Chi Alpha is synonymous with leadership. From core to elective modules, Members will learn what it takes to be an effective leader within the Fraternity, on their campus, and in their local communities


Build a Legacy

Membership within Lambda Chi Alpha doesn’t stop at graduation. Members will learn what lifelong Membership entails and will begin building their legacy as an Ideal Man before graduation.

Case Studies

Ideal Man: Building Capability from Day One

Through the lens of the Seven Core Values, and practical scenarios which require decision points and choices, Associate Members are prepared for Chapter and student life.

Luis Rivera: Leadership Ready and leading teams

For Luis Rivera, going for Chapter President, was more than a big ask-it was an impossible ask. Sixty members; a 100+ year legacy; a respected Chapter and well-known alumni-including a board member, was enough to give pause.