C&C Spring 2019 – Issue 1


It is with mixed emotions that I announce this as my last issue serving as editor of the Cross & Crescent. Through my time on staff at Lambda Chi Alpha, I have had the great fortune of meeting some of the most interesting and selfless people imaginable. Having the opportunity to be a small part of this fraternity through storytelling has meant the world to me.

And so, it is my great honor to introduce the spring 2019 issue of the magazine. As with the change and growth that comes with spring, so too must we change. This issue focuses on the personal development our members see in themselves, specifically through the arts and innovation. You will notice that each piece of this issue has an artistic element to it, leading to the cover story focusing on CEO Bill Farkas. Throughout his life and time serving as CEO, Farkas has held the arts in the highest regard and discusses his passion for it more in our exclusive story.

Please remember to keep checking cc.lambdachi.org for the latest updates on what is going on throughout all Lambda Chi Alpha chapters, as well as our social media channels.

If you have a story idea which you would like to submit, please email communications@lambdachi.org. As a reminder, Chapter News is due by the 15th of each month. We look forward to seeing what our chapters are accomplishing, so we ask chapters to continue to email communications@lambdachi.org or log on to LCAOne/Officer Portal and access the “Submit Chapter News” form to share their news with us.

As always, we would like to extend our thanks to members and friends of Lambda Chi Alpha alike for continuing to promote and support the best experience of any fraternity. Personally, I would like to thank everyone both on staff and throughout the fraternity for making these past two years ones to remember.

Thank you for reading!

Best Regards,
Taylor Grayson
Cross & Crescent

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