C&C Summer 2019 – Issue 2


Introducing the Summer 2019 issue of the Cross & Crescent magazine. Within the magazine you will find all of the Chapter News from February through May – giving you a one-stop location to check in on your favorite chapter or colony. In addition to chapter news, we also provide the Fall 2019 ELC travel regions.  

The cover story for this edition is an exclusive story that you will not be able to read anywhere else. Don’t miss out!

Please remember to keep checking cc.lambdachi.org for the latest updates on what is going on throughout all Lambda Chi Alpha chapters, as well as our social media channels.

If you have a story idea which you would like to submit, please email communications@lambdachi.org. As a reminder, Chapter News is due by the 15th of each month. We look forward to seeing what our chapters are accomplishing, so we ask chapters to continue to email communications@lambdachi.org or log on to LCAOne/Officer Portal and access the “Submit Chapter News” form to share their news with us.

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